6 years with 4shared!

By Irin L
14 / 01 / 2011

UPDATE! the contest is over and the winners are: Phendrena, jhe, Diego Henrique da Silva, Blaze, Jorge, bro.Victor, Mysticdragon, Rey, Farag M. Afify, mHeL. Check your emails, guys!

Hurray, people! Let’s celebrate 4shared 6th birthday together! This is a happy occasion for 4shared, but much more significant to the 4shared team is the fact that over 13 millions of people around the world are using 4shared each day to share files with each other. 4shared was founded in 2005 to give people the tools for convenient online filesharing. We are glad that so many people are using 4shared services.

While we at 4shared make products that enable people to share information efficiently, 4shared is also the product of the people who use it. Without you and the files you share with others, the products we create wouldn’t have much meaning. So we feel fortunate to have all of you with us. To express our appreciation, we’ll run a little contest – leave your congrats to 4shared and we will give month premium accounts to the authors of the best ones!

Since its founding, one of the constants of 4shared is that it has continuously evolved to make it easier to use. To give you a sense of how 4shared has changed, we dug up an image of how it used to look – you can see it here. Today 4shared has changed in many aspects and provides its users with vast variety of software and services.

4shared Desktop is free application for Windows, Linux and Mac PC’s expand 4shared functionality. Speed up the routine process of uploading hundreds files to your account and make it much easier.

4shared Mobile gives users an opportunity to access 30,000,000+ files hosted on 4shared, manage their web accounts, listen to music, watch video. It is available on iPhone & iPad, Symbian, Blackberry and Android.

4shared Music is designed to find and play music from 4shared on iPhones & iPads, have immediate access to 4shared search using account, play any track, add favorite tracks to playlists, manage playlists etc.

4shared Toolbar gives instant access to 4shared Desktop, 4shared home page and personal 4shared account. With 4shared Toolbar users can get access to the free games, watch TV and listen to online radio stations, check out favorite places on the Web, receive 4shared most important news and announcements instantly. It is Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari compatible.

Love.4shared.com offers 12 different services including Gifts (excellent way to express your sympathies to other users – you can make anonymous, private or public gifts), Diaries (private diary is the best way to show all of you – you can fill it with favorite poetry, your thoughts, stories about your daily life), Photo Albums (photo album is a very convenient service to store any your photos – you can make it private, friends-only or public) etc.

4shared API allows to export different elements of 4shared functionality (such as search) to third party web sites.

It wasn’t that easy for 4shared to become what it is today, but there’s always a room for improvements. The challenge motivates us to keep innovating and pushing technical boundaries to produce better ways of filesharing. The culture of the Internet has also changed pretty dramatically over the past six years. Before, most people wouldn’t consider relying on online filesharing services. But 4shared has offered a safe and trusted environment for people to share files online, which has made millions of people comfortable while using the Internet.

Why is it important to us to keep building better ways for people to share files? Enabling efficient sharing is important because it makes the world more open. As we celebrate 4shared‘s 6th birthday, we continue to work hard to evolve 4shared and make it as simple as possible for people to share files with each other.


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  • Marcos Greic says:

    I think that the a good gift for all your users to celebrate the 4shared birthday is a month of 4shared premium free.

  • ubonrat says:


  • dima says:

    Hi, congratulations, guys !

  • 2Marcos Greic
    That’s right. Leave your congratulations in comments, guys, and we will give month premium accounts to the authors of the best ones!

  • aicha says:

    Happy birthday to 4shared, you’r the best

  • soso says:

    Congratulation to 4shared

  • SHA says:




    thanks very much fans we can have good times wit 4 shared.com

    best wishes with it

    hossein -iran-shiraz

  • SHA says:

    وقتی دبیرستان بودم آرزوی یک کتابخونه دیجیتالی داشتم که دسترسی به همه کتابهای دنیا رو به دورترین و فقیرترین مردم را بدهد …
    و شما همون آرزویید

    When I was high school I had dreams of a digital library access to all the books and the world’s poorest people to give the utmost …
    And you’re realizing the dream

    thanks very much realy very much

  • Rey says:

    olá ! equipe 4shared , parabéns pelo aniversário.Desejo que vocês continuem a crescerem a cada dia e obrigado pelos serviços bens prestados por vocês.se não fossem vocês estarem por traz de tudo com competência e seriedade tudo isso não seria possível.Parabéns !! sou usuário e estou fatisfeito.
    sem mais : Rey Xafer — by by

  • MontyN95 says:

    Happy Birthday 4Shared!! You guys are awesome!!

  • Dons says:


  • vags says:

    parabens AO DONO do 4SHARED e TODA A EQUIPE por mais esse ano e essa vitoria ee por esse site maravilhoso 🙂

  • bito says:

    happy new year& happy birthday

  • Tabarak says:

    Thank you so much 4shared, you’re the best site I have ever been using, fast and easy to use!

    Muchas gracias 4shared, es el mejor site que yo he usado, rapido y muy facil para usar!

    شكرا لفريق 4 شيرد , أنه افضل موقع على الاطلاق , سريع و سهل للاستخدام.

    ها شلوني وياكم ؟؟؟ أكيد أني الرابحة مووووووووووو؟؟؟؟ هههههههههه لول

  • MAXIMOS says:

    Congratulations 4SHARED.
    Thanks for all the Services to 4shared vocêis your are the best at what they do keep getting bigger and better and being the professionals in the store.
    By:Davi Albuquerque-Brasil-Alagoas.

  • ahmed Digrari says:

    merci et bonne anniversaire
    et bonne continuation.

  • 3shtar says:

    Happy Birthday 4Shared ,its best day.
    Congratulations for all 4Shared team
    you’re the best site.

  • Answer says:

    Parabéns! vida longa para o 4 shared !!!!

  • Metian Separda says:

    Terimakasih 4shared!!!!!
    Anda telah banyak membantu dan berbagi
    Selamat ULTAH ke 6
    Sukses selalu,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Bluedrake says:

    Congratz and happy 6th anniversary to 4shared!
    I would like to thank you guys that have always provide better service and quality to me. There is no other better file sharing site than 4shared. Kudos to you 🙂

  • power says:

    i think this is free for all of us to us it…
    advice for u it’s biggest anytime…

  • Hairi says:

    Congratulations 4SHARED.

  • carl says:

    PARABENS AO 4shared!

  • Raymond says:

    Hi, congratulations, guys

  • mm books says:

    was so thankful for 4shared after my computer was stolen… b/c at least i had my ebooks backed up here! thanks for existing, and congrats on sticking around for six years!

  • B Chiu says:

    Happy 6th year birthday, 4shared!

    This is great site known from other countries, other than just big countries (USA, UK, etc.), who mainly uses MediaFire and whatnot, to share music with others.

    Keep on improving, 4shared! I love this website =D

  • jose luiz says:

    Congratulations for 6 years from 4shared. Thank you for both of you could share files from you.

  • Congratulations 4Shared Team and Members all over the world. I’m proud being one of 4Shared users in Kuwait to share our knowledge and the creative writing activities.

    I wish 4Shared more success and many birthdays.

    With best regards.

    Farag M. Afify

  • Team special and very cool
    Thank you for your efforts and I hope Hdv files viruses that you report it
    And by the owners of lifting devices for the destruction of the users under the name of seduction and sex scandals

    فريق مميز و رائع جدا
    شكرا لجهودكم وأرجو حدف ملفات الفيروسات التي قمت بالتبليغ عنها
    والتي قام أصحابها برفعها لأذية الأخوة تحت ما يسمى الجنس والفضائح
    شكرا مرة أخرى

  • Bryan Lopez says:

    Te Amo 4shared 🙂

  • ansm says:

    The day I found 4shared was one of the luckiest day of my life, so thanks for all ur help and Congratulations for 6th year birthday. Hope u become everything u can be.

  • Mysticdragon says:

    Congratulations to all the people of 4shared on the success of 4shared.
    This was the best file hosting service i found on the net.
    I tried Megaupload,Mediafire,depositfiles and all other file hosting services as you can see ,I needed a good file hosting service for my website.
    I found this was the most convienient one as it provides 10gb of storage space to the users which is the best thing I liked in 4shared.
    I hope you people will have a great success and 4shared will be the worlds No.1 file hosting service that ever existed.
    Thank you
    Best Regards

  • danica says:

    parabens !! desejo muito mais sucesso.

  • dody bastiansyah says:

    love yo inside and out

  • Trumpeter says:

    Congratulations for the 6th anniversary to all 4Shared Team. You deserve! Of course we users are also of congratulations for having actively participated in this achievement with you.
    Congratulations again !!!!

  • p_tigrincs says:

    Happy birthday to 4shared, you’r the best

  • Nedu Lopes says:

    Hey 4shared crew! Congratulations!
    And thank you for the excelent service, that give to us the best way to share and organize our files!
    Long life to 4shared!

  • othegui says:

    Felicidades a 4shared en su 6º Aniversario…es una herramienta de mucha utilidad en nuestras tareas diarias…¡un millón de felicitaciones!

  • yenssy says:

    hola q tal 4shared me emcanta y grasias quisiera música de disney chanel xfa

  • bro.Victor says:

    Happy 6th Birthday.

    Congratulations to ALL 4Shared Owners and Staff for the sharing you have extended to its members and non-members. More power to you all, and especially to it’s members who made the 4Shared what it is today.

    More power and more years of sharing to come!!!

  • Urie Jc says:

    HaPpy B’day !!!!!
    buat semua team 4shared anda luar Biasa TERIMA KASIH BANYAK!!!!……karena anda banyak hal yg kita bisa SALING berbagi disini….Sukses sl bt 4SHARED!!!!GOD BLESS…..

  • saif says:

    Congratulation to 4shared

  • Wagner says:

    HB 4shared!!!

  • Anderson Lucio says:

    Amo muito 4Shared, só foi possível eu conhecer o mundo por causa do 4Shared!

    Parabéns e abraços a toda equipe.

  • wesley says:

    parabens 4shared campeão de upload dos brasileiros 🙂

  • Winarso says:

    Happy Birthday for 4SHARED.
    Omedeto Gozaimasu.
    おめでと ございます.

  • rafaela says:

    i love 4shared, never let using!!

  • Eduardo says:

    Hi all, I do not want let the opportunity pass and tell you the excellent job you are doing, and I an pleased to see your commitment to improve constantly, I feel honored to deal with a company with such vision.
    Keep up the good work and enjoy what you do!
    Eduardo Deustua

  • WOW! You have been around that long? Congrats to you all, and good luck with the next 6 years 🙂

  • Jorge says:

    Hi, 4shared mates, you are agreat service,i tried 4shared since the 1st moment i knew of it and it has always been basic on my day to day and especially always that i need it, i saw it change, it has been a lot of work and you also do a great job for humanity i think, because even without having the best account, this service is free for all the people in all stages of their life, like i am, and also accompany them on it, between the mistakes, the happyness, the sad moments, it may mean lot of thing that we’ve been trought with it and of course as a complete and succesfull productive business, you have it all.

    Congratulations for your deserved six years on the web, keep evolving!! And Thanks.

  • Murilo Moura says:

    Congratulations 4Shared team. Today is a special day for all of us.

  • donkurts says:

    Happy B’Day 4shared.. god bls You…

  • narong_2523 says:

    Let everyone be happy

  • narong2523 says:

    4shared .. Let everyone be happy

  • wolf h says:

    you are awesome

  • bay says:

    congratulation…. enjoy with 4shared……

  • amir says:

    تبریک میگم

  • s_ivko says:

    Честито!Това е празник за всички 🙂

  • تبریک

    happy your birthday 4shared!

  • Asir says:

    شكرًا جزيلا لكم على موقع التحميل هذا

  • hamid says:


  • Da says:

    Congratulations 4Shared team.
    happy your birthday 4shared!

  • Elijah Khuliso Nunga says:

    hi 4shared, I’ve collected most of your knowledge and understanding ,thus far i know that i can make it with you 4shared.

    congra 4shared.wishing you everlasting life.

  • sani says:

    shared to everyone forever

  • berkim says:

    selamat hari jadi coy, tetap maju terus demi kepentingan bersama.

  • Blaze says:

    Hey guys!Congratulations! And Happy Birthday! Just wanted to tell you what a great job you’re doing. My friend introduced me to 4shared three years ago and I’ve been addicted ever since. Not a day goes by that I don’t log in… just for kicks, no kidding! And its my first choice whenever I’m looking for something specific.
    4shared is simply the Best!

  • KOLONEL says:

    You Should Repair Your Service!

  • wii65 says:

    Bravo & Happy Birthday
    4Shared is the best in Town

  • aya says:

    كيف بدي احمل

  • Diego Henrique da Silva says:

    Gostaria de deixar aqui minha grande satisfação como consumidor, Feliz Niver. e que possamos estar juntos durante muito tempo.

    Atualmente pelo celular hehehe.

    Diego Henrique da Silva

  • icaromix says:

    Muchas gracias 4shared, es el mejor site que yo he usado, rapido y muy facil para usar!
    su simple y concurrido website hacemos mas por esta pagina logrando crecimiento

  • Geraldo Caldeira says:

    Ao 4shared meus parabens pelo aniversario mas quem está ganhando o presente sou eu por poder utilizar esse site pra compartilhar meus arquivos.Parabens, parabens, parabens!!!

  • mostafa says:

    Thanks to all

    با تشکر از همه

  • khaled says:

    شكرا لفريق 4 شيرد , أنه افضل موقع على الاطلاق , سريع و سهل للاستخدام.

  • khaled says:

    شكرًا جزيلا لكم على موقع التحميل هذا وفى خدمه اعلا فى الوصف واتمنى من الله ان يكون موقعكم فى احسن حال

  • jhe says:

    Yes its good for me and others… I can hide my files and music here it serve us for me a backup HDD 😀

    Congratulation keep it up 4shared more freebies to come by this year…

    God bless.

  • شكرا لفريق 4 شيرد , أنه افضل موقع على الاطلاق , سريع و سهل للاستخدام.

  • QASIM says:

    Hi, congratulations, guys !

  • Nouveau says:

    HBD! 4shared X-D

  • tata says:

    succes always……

  • محمد يوسف says:



    تقدمون عملاً جليلاً …

  • sal-azul says:

    Congratulations! I love 4shared! Keep up the improvement!

  • narazuky says:

    Heppy B’dayyyy

  • JIm says:

    Congratulation!!!!!!!!!! 6 years 7,8,9,10,11,……….Etc.

  • Pribadiw Widyatmojo says:

    Conngratulation $shared, you are realy my best friend ini travelling, I hope you got succed forever.
    God bless you 4shared my best friend

  • kc says:

    hi guyz. congratz

  • Naldo says:

    Congratulations expectable service you! I hope it continues for another 100 x 6 years. xD

  • Naldo says:

    Congratulations expectable service you! I hope it continues for another 100 x 6 years. lol \o/ lol \o/

  • dunia says:

    Congratulation keep it up 4shared more freebies to come by this year…

  • dunia says:

    January 20th, 2011 at 8:26 pm (#)

    Congratulations! I love 4shared! Keep up the improvement

  • Rehan says:

    happy birthday 4shared

  • asif says:

    Congratulations! I love 4shared


  • coba says:

    Congratulations and well done.

  • Carol says:

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday
    The best of the file sharing sites on the Internet.

  • Joao Antonio says:

    Congratulations 4SHARED

  • eduardo oroxom says:

    felicidades esperro que sigan aumenyando las vicilas en 4shared como asta ahora les a ocurido, pienso que un buen aspecto de ustedes a sido que han demostrado que con gran lasilidad, perro creo que deberian colocar categorias para los archivos para mantener un mejor orden en la busqueda, ejemplo, con videos colocar categorias de videos comicos, videos de deportes, videos de autos, y aci susesivamente , esto ayudaria a las personas a la hora de aser descargas y administracion de los datos. en general pienso que solo eso podria aser mejor la pagina de 4shared, pero les deseo que pasen un agradable aniversario pues han hecho un exelente trabajo. atentamente eduardo oroxom

  • DGSA says:

    Thans 4 4Shared>>>>>>>

  • mrngocloan says:


  • mrngocloan says:

    CHAO cac ban.co ai la ng viet k

  • Ramis Abud says:

    4shared é o melhor site para compartilhar arquivos, é mais rapido e eficaz que a concorrência.
    Muito bom e parabens ao administrados, e que mantenha o site sempre bom assim.


  • Debbie says:

    Thanks so much for the great service. And congratulations on your anniversary.

  • Emaily says:

    I’m happy to be part of this community
    congratulations “”
    مبروك عليكم النجاح
    اتمنى لكم المزيد من التقدم

  • widad says:

    happy birthday 4shared

  • Aaron says:

    4shared.com is cool… !!

  • حجت says:

    من واقعا از امكانات سايت شما تشكر مي كنم
    هميشه موفق باشيد
    ايران/ مشهد 🙂

  • Paolo says:

    Happy birthday 4shared. I think 4shared is the best file-sharing.
    Thanks, long life to 4shared.

  • adina says:

    Thank you for existing 😀

  • mHeL says:

    Congrats! 4shared.com we lucky that having 4shared, because in this site we easily share our files of files, its really amazing, because in 4shared im experiencing a high speed download.. ^^, thanks again 4shared.. more powers and having more improving in your site..

    God Bless you all.

  • Iqbal Singh says:

    4shared is very reliable file shared, In 6 years, I nevered of any down time of their servers. I have been member of 4shared for last 4 years. May God bless all!

  • Hamed says:

    4shared shares the world!
    Happy birthday,i love u 4shared

  • NegroJoia says:

    Gostaria de parabeniza-los pelo otimo trabalho desempenhado, sou usuario desse maravilhoso trabalho de vcs o que nos facilita mto e mtas coisas em nossa vida diaria


    Equipe GGIT

  • Batsu says:

    celebration love 4shared its the best

  • Helaly says:

    Hi congratulations every one

  • hooman.sh says:

    سلام،من تازه عضوشدم .واقعا”جالب وفوق العاده است .ممنون

  • Phendrena says:

    6 Years!
    Doesn’t time fly.
    The kids get bigger each day and grow up fast. People come and go and time moves on. People change, lives change, the world changes.

    Congratulations 4shared.
    Your service has enabled me to share my files without needing to worry about bandwidth and also to use the service as a cloud based backup.

    May you continue growing and evolving.
    Live long and prosper.

  • Mostafa Ezzat says:

    Happy Birthday… 🙂

  • gabriel says:

    The felicitos for this 6 year fulfilled I hope that they are still like that and great exitos1!!!

  • ade says:


  • doel says:

    hppy birtday…4shared…u no 1

  • Sandeep.k says:

    Hi its a very fantaastic site same as that of a desktop of computer.

    Super services.and i congratulate 4shared and its team for celebrating its 6th glorios years.

    Thank you,


  • Julie says:

    Thanks for making 4shared better and better to the BEST!.

    More power to your services.

  • Marco says:

    Ehi…that’s what I was looking for…and I found it on 4Shared.
    Great job guys, keep goin’!

    Buon compleanno…ops…happy birthday…but it’s just gone!

    See you next year, now back to work.

    Hi guys!!!!!!

  • Ailton says:

    Thanks for those 6 years of commitment to us all, never give up to be the best sharing site on the planet

  • Espero que estes 6 anos de história tenham trazido a maturidade necessaria para continuar prestando este belo serviço a comunidade internauta do planeta, e que o 4shared.com prospere o ainda mais e se mantenha por longos anos.

  • I hope these 6 years of history have brought maturity necessary to continue providing this wonderful service to the Internet community worldwide, and that 4shared.com prosper even more and remain for many years.

  • Hendri says:

    sukses selalu buat 4shared

  • Congratss for those who maintains 4shared 🙂

  • Touyo says:

    Sukses selalu, dan makin canggih……

  • khaleel says:

    Team special and very cool

    شكرا لكم

  • fahad says:

    Thanks for making 4shared better and better to the BEST!.

    More power to your services.



  • Kader says:

    شكرا جزيلا ل فورت شارد للعمل الرائع لفريقها والمجهودات الكبيرة التي
    تبدلها والخدمات الجيدة التي تقدمها لجميع المشتركين
    خاصة ولعموم مرتادي الأنترنت عامة
    مع متمنياتي لكم بمزيد من التألق والازدهار
    عبدالقادر المراكشي

  • Rafael says:

    Congratulações pelo aniversário!

  • Magicsoft says:

    Happy Birthday 4Shared

  • ATT CHIN says:

    Happy Birthday http://www.4shared.com
    สุขสันต์วันเกิด http://www.4shared.com


    thanks very much.
    ขอบคุณ ขอบคุณ ขอบคุณ.

  • bung hendra says:

    sukses slalu buat team 4shared
    bersama anda kami bisa
    god bless u

  • abdulraof says:

    شكرا لفريق 4 شيرد , أنه افضل موقع على الاطلاق , سريع و سهل للاستخدام.

  • red.alert says:

    شكرا جزيلا ل فورت شارد للعمل الرائع لفريقها والمجهودات الكبيرة

  • firas says:

    شكرا لكم على مجهودكم الطيب المبارك وكل عام وأنتم بخير

  • Albert G. says:

    4shared congratulations for their sixth anniversary. Its
    products are very useful for me. Thank you for your
    services and they continue to meet many more years.

  • فجووره says:

    منو تصير رفيجتي ترى انا بنت او ماي فرند يصير محد يبي

  • ach says:

    thanks very much fans we can have good times wit 4 shared.com

  • dero says:

    felicidades 4shared por estos 6 años y vamos a seguirle dando aportes!!!!!!
    congratulations 6 aniersary!!!!!!

  • siavash says:

    Thans 4 4Shared>>>>>>>

  • تبريک و تشکر از شما و همه دوستانی که به غنی تر شدن فورشيرد کمک میکنند
    اميدوارم امکانات و خدمات فورشيرد کاملتر و بيشتر شود و هميشه و برای همه باشد
    باز هم تبريک و تشکر
    موفق باشيد

  • dadang setyabudi says:

    Hpy b’day 4shared

  • Bambang says:

    how to change e-mail in 4shared.?

  • Bambang says:

    how to change e-mail at 4shared.?

  • Anax Iseng says:

    sukses terus dan maju terus 4 shared

  • The_Cavleri says:


    Happy Birthday……………….

    I m always be with U ……………….

    4 Ever……. best share in everyware……….

  • Rayou says:

    Coolest File Sharing. 🙂

  • ansar says:

    4 shared god bless you 4 ever, Happy brithday

  • Wa7shny Zmank says:

    Thanks so much for the great service. And congratulations on your anniversary.

  • Alice says:


  • zuhdi says:

    مبارك لفريق
    موقع خدماتي مميز
    سريع جميل متحدث باستمرار
    وهذا يعكس بالطبع صورة القائمين عليه

  • jay kasef says:

    wilujeng tepang taun, mugia langkung sukses……..

  • ..:::SpiderZ:::.. says:

    Happy brithday

  • -[kaveh]- says:

    jingo bel

  • سارهـ says:

    love (4shared) ^_^

    افضل موقع على الاطلاق ، سريع و سهل للاستخدام


  • JT says:

    HaPpY Na

  • Spy4Man says:

    شكرا لجهودكم…

  • roze says:

    please do not filter it in iran
    لطفا فیلترش نکنین

  • Parabens a voces ! é uma grande felicidade pra todos nós que vivemos nessa comunidade de usuários espalhados pelos 4 cantos do mundo estar vivenciando mais um ano de vida do 4shared ! Que cada dia possamos encontar mais solucoes como as que sempre nos ajudaram muito feitas pela equipe 4shared ! Feliz aniversário e muito sucesso ! sou muito feliz de ser usuario do for 4shared e contente por esta data celebrativa !

    abraços a todos

  • niima says:

    ما هم تبریک میگوییم::

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