4shared is a Ukraine, Kiev based file storage and sharing service. It was founded in 2005. 4shared is one of the world’s largest file-hosting sites, with 317 terabytes of file transfer every day and handling up to eleven million users simultaneously.

The service allows users to upload files of up to 500 MB each for free and 5GB GB for paid subscribers. Account size after activating account get 15GB of free space. The user is then supplied with a unique URL, which locates the file and enables anyone who knows it to download the file. Uploaded files will be stored as long as the user logs-in into his/her account at least once every 30 days or at least one of the files is downloaded every 30 days. User interface is similar by functionality to standard windows explorer.

Features and services
4shared operates as online based service storing files on the web servers. User may manage his files with any of web browser. To access files without browser available 4shared desktop. Its download and upload file manager to operate with multiple files and folders. 4shared does not enforce waiting times for downloads at desktop version, do not require CAPTCHAs, limit simultaneous downloading, or set bandwidth limits. Program available only for Windows Operation System.
Files might be accessed also with Symbian based mobile phones and Iphone. To perform all actions with files possible also with 4shard toolbar for web browser.
[edit]Terms of use and Privacy Policy

4shared is the official trademark of New IT Solutions Ltd. 4shared users activities are regulated by 4shared Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The service is pursuant to Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”).
4shared collaborates with APCM – Associacao Anti-Pirataria Cinema e Musica, Gameloft GrayZone Inc (Rhino Entertainment, Warner Strategic Marketing), Kogan Page, Linotype GmbH, Pearson Education, Publishers-antipiracy.net, RIAA, Websheriff, Microsoft, Needlework Designers, Graf Records, FiveWin, ADM Records, MG/Curb Records, Cassandra Clare, Apple, etc.

The 4shared service provides accounts for storing only legal data. Though, 4shared doesn’t take the obligation to check the account contents, but reserves the right to audit any materials that are suspected in breaking the 4shared terms of use, remove content, disable or remove the accounts of users who infringe the intellectual property rights of others or may expose 4shared to civil or criminal liability.

4shared for resellers
4shared has official resellers in various countries, so our services can be purchased not only directly, but also at your local reseller. If you are not able to use the online payment methods currently available at our web site you can purchase any 4shared product from one of our resellers in your country. All approved resellers are listed here. Please do not buy anything from other organizations if they are not mentioned in this list.

4shared for developers
You can get fresh java sources from svn repositories at http://4shared-api.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/java/demo/ and http://4shared-api.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/java/api/. Demo sources also contain compiled jar. So if you need only 4Shared interaction you can use only demo.

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