4shared automatic activity sharing

By Irin L
17 / 06 / 2010

automatic activity sharing
4shared has expanded its social media functionality. For now 4shared users may share to twitter such activities as uploading files, rating files, commenting on files, sharing a folder, etc automatically. When you perform certain action on 4shared, automatic activity will update your friends on twitter.

In order to perform utomatic activity sharing you need to:
1. Login to your account.
2. Press “Activity sharing” button at your account.
4shared activity sharing
3. Go to Activity Sharing tab:
– select what would you like to share
– connect your twitter account
– press “Save changes”
4shared activity sharing2

After your account will be connected, you dont need no more to share manualy your activity to twitter. Activity sharing works only for files that have been shared. This tool is under beta testing, will be available for all users soon.


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  • rudradeb says:

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  • Bartholo says:

    O Melhor armazenamento está aqui! 4shared.com, incomparável!!!!

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    This new plugin 4shared only makes the best of the best.



  • redkako says:

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  • politecnica says:

    I have done “activity sharing”. And when I download a file, the comment is written at Twitter. But when I upload a file the comment is not showed at my Twitter, why? I have put a Description in “Mi 4shared”. And I have predeterminated a description for all the files that I upload at the main of “Mi 4shared”. What is wrong?

    Thank you.

  • KINGRPG says:

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  • Thanks for this I was really waiting for this kinda feature from you. 🙂

  • concisesm says:

    Great tool for websites and bloggers, but I don’t know the HTML code to use for Direct ‘Link’ of my ‘4shared’ Files at my site (I hope to have one soon).

    Can anyone give me the code (tags, text, path) to use on my website?

  • Tanweer Ahmad says:

    Thanks for this option, what about the sharing in Facebook…

  • enjen says:

    Hello, I’m glad to meet you. Your website is really cool and this is a great inspiring article. Thank you so much. I really appreciate this I can’t wait to meet up with you.

  • T.Y.P says:

    This is really cool.

  • Conheça esse Blog 4Shared e as suas modalidade de compartilhamento integrado com diverssas redes sociais do relacionamento humano. Tenha o seu mundo virtual armazenado gratuitamente, para compartilhar com todos os seus contatos imediatos.

  • Besi says:

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  • Venha participar da 4shared e compartilhe a sua vida com todos os seus contatos e amigos e familiares.

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    me gusta compartir toda mi musica y estoy muy contento por estar en este programa grasias por permitirme.

  • Nirav Mehta says:

    I found the concept very interesting especially for people lke technicians and consultants to have a common platform where lots o new ideas designs information etc can be shared

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  • hugh doyle says:

    how can i transfer my 4shared music to itunes or real player

    • You should download it to your PC/MAC first.

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    how do i download music file to my phone?.

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    ihave done “activity sharing”. And when I download a file, the comment is written at Twitter. But when I upload a file the comment is not showed at my Twitter, why? I have put a Description in “Mi 4shared”. And I have predeterminated a description for all the files that I upload at the main of “Mi 4shared”. What is wrong?

    Thank you.

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    Please, I still can’t manage sharing my folders with another 4Shared users. I’ve followed all instructions sent by the support, but the link she told me about is no where on my screen. I believe my mistake may be when saving files, it must be some detail I’ve failing to fulfil, nothing very detectable. Can anyone teach me the steps? Pleasew, don’t tell me to press the “subscribe” link, it’s not available on my screens!!!
    Thanks so much

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    • Hello,

      You can post any file that you like to your Facebook page. Please enter the download page, of any file you want to post. You’ll see the tab share, chose the site you want to connect with with 4shared in the right upper corner of the tab. You’ll be automatically redirected to the site you need. Write a comment on the file and save changes.

      If you need any further help or assistance, please let us know.
      We will be glad to help you.

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  • a.d. cruze says:

    make short url to member’s pages and to the individual files…your urls are way too long and complicated. if you want to drive more traffic to the site this is a great and easy way to do it. i personally would appreciate it.


    thank 4 hared

  • Clara says:

    Please, I published my book, and I would like to know how may downloads had been done. Is it possible? How do I do that?

    • Dear Clara. Please follow these instructions:
      1. Right-click on you file.
      2. Choose Properties.
      3. Then click on General.
      4. At the bottom of the page you’ll see Times downloaded.

  • Horváth Erik says:

    Dear 4Shared!

    Activity sharing is working only in Twitter,
    or working in Facebook too???

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