[INFOGRAPHIC] 4shared: 2022 in Review

By Irin L
15 / 12 / 2022
Another year is quickly coming to its end…
Let’s recall what we’ve achieved together in 2022 – in the special “4shared: 2022 in Review” year recap!



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  • I like some music all.

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    • Hsam says:

      Hsam haerki

  • Hsam says:


  • Kung says:


  • I’m looking for a serious relationship n btw who can video call with me right now i will give her money around $200 end of this month dear

    • Matt says:

      chama q noixz arruma kdksks

    • Regina Andrade Silva says:

      Mas porque vc está oferecendo dinheiro ?
      Quando alguém se interessar por vc tem que ser pelo que é e não por questão de dinheiro . #ficaadica

  • Rian says:


  • Eu quero ver as fotos do Naruto Shippuden Ultimate ninja

  • Ceicinha says:

    Quero conhecer pessoas legais

  • Ceicinha says:

    Boa noite

    • Rodrigues says:

      Hello caixinha bom dia feliz ano novo pra noz

  • Lindomar says:

    Gratidão expressa por palavras não tem o peso da expressão por atos, amar não basta apenas ter dó de quem sofre, mas sim assumir o lugar do aflito

  • Alberto says:

    Não consigo abaixar as músicas

  • Douglas says:

    Muito bom

  • resident evil 4 não consigo baixar nada

  • Rafael says:

    Bom trabalho

  • Rafael says:

    4 shared ABC

  • Abhik says:

    Can someone from 4Shared Support please contact me? All my emails went unanswered.


  • Eu gosto deste App mas seria melhor se nós p7dessemos compartilhar as músicas com o zap.

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  • f says:

    4shared is blocked in the UK

  • d@d.com says:

    Now it shows message 403 when clicking on a folder or file link

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  • j says:

    Update Apache Tomcat

  • jjjjjjj says:

    4shared is still showing 403 error

  • Aza says:

    Why are you blocking the UK from accessing 4shared? 403 Forbidden in the UK but works elsewhere. This is stupid.

  • bombzat says:

    UK is blocked why?

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  • haji says:

    Why are you blocking the UK from accessing 4shared? 403 Forbidden in the UK but works elsewhere. This is stupid.

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