Search files from specified country at 4shared – New Feature!

By Irin L
02 / 09 / 2010

Have you ever had a need to search for files on 4shared, posted by users from the particular country? When you search for something the first thing you see on the results page are the most popular files on 4shared but are they always appear to be exactly what you was looking for? Guess not. In order to improve your search results 4shared have implemented the new search parameter which will actually allow users to search files by countries. Check out the rest of the post to find out the details.

What is it all about?
When you choose a particular country which is directly connected to the location of the user who had uploaded the file, it’s more likely to get more accurate results while searching. Imagine you’re looking for a funny video from USA. You know, there’s much of fun is going on ;). That will take quite a long time to browse ~130.000 to find a some funny videos from the United States, you know.

And all you have to do is:
1. Go to 4shared main page and type your search request:

2. Press “Search options”:

3. Choose the country you need (in our case – United States):

4. And get yourself a neat result from a fellow Americans in a second!

A notice to the uploaders
This new feature also means that the next time you’re going to upload some files to your 4shared account to share them with the rest of the world – take notice at your profile and the country you have listed there. A wise choice can boost your files ratings if you’ll choose the right audience for it!

Don’t waste your time and start using search by country right now!


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  • electrofish says:

    Best Topic,thank you for this.

  • Termininja says:

    Country box is blocked!

    • Hello,

      Please specify your problem that you are encountering, and please give us more detail. So that we can solve this problem.
      Thank you.

  • Termininja says:

    Doesn’t work by IE & Mozilla

    • Hello,

      Please specify your request, in further detail.

  • i like that this web is the better from the all

  • norsang says:

    search file from specified country option is not working !!!!!!!!!!!! what to do suggest me!!!!!!!!!

    • Hello,

      I am still not sure what kind of problem you encounter, so please, provide me with as many details on the issue as you can.

  • igøR™ ; ) says:

    N1ce, Thank you 😉

  • what says:

    hmm, for some reason this option is greyed-out for me… ???

    • Hello,

      Please specify your request.

  • eddie twi says:

    i hope your site will be usefull to me,
    Thank you.

  • bdr says:

    hi iam bdr thank you for these

  • What a great resource!

  • Good post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you as your information.

  • amrani says:


  • Somel Serip says:

    4shared, olá !
    Agradeço, muito, por você disponibilizar, generosamente, este excelente serviço !
    Abraços à todos !
    Somel Serip.

  • Bahroen says:

    thanks for the info…..!

  • Prince says:

    I like the blog

  • i need to tell evry body about my files on my 4shared

    for down it laod

    thanks for contacting with your members

  • rhicamae says:

    i like it really

  • raafat says:

    this option not open … why? pleas you can open it
    and your web it very usful and I always I ingoy on it
    thanks 4ashared for all thing 🙂

  • Gaurav says:

    I have tried to use this feature, but it seems to be disabled (even in premium account search) I have tried different browsers.. no good.. Please help

  • p says:


  • maher says:

    also me

    i’m from saudi arabia

  • Qasb says:

    same here, i cant use this feature although it’s useful

  • Kywyx0 says:

    Do you people at 4shared have disabled this function without noticing users?

  • man says:

    not work with me in egypt

  • Ahmed says:

    This feature does not work althugh it would have been quite useful :S

  • altase86 says:

    This feature does not work

  • Adnan says:

    This Feature does not work

  • trogg says:

    It’s rather like most features on 4shared – doesn’t actually work …

    Three of the sites I usually browse are showing no files in their folders. This has been happening on and off for months and still nothing done about it.

  • Fabulous, what a weblog it is! This webpage presents valuable facts to us, keep it up.

  • محمد سيد احمد says:

    لاتعمل معى فى مصر

  • محمود الغول says:

    لا تعمل معى فى مصر

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