Max file size will be increased soon!

By Irin L
28 / 02 / 2011

Have you ever wanted a free file hosting that will allow you to upload and store big files? Then go no further as you’ve already found it! Yes, that’s right, no more 200 MB cap for uploading files to your free 4shared account! So what’s it going to be? 500 MB? 1 GB? Or maybe 2 GBs? Yes, this isn’t a mistake! In few days everybody will have an ability to upload any file which is that big! Read more for details.

5 great things you can you do with 2GBs
1. had a party? Upload ~4 hours of your home movies and show it to your friends online!
2. just came back from the vacation? Upload an archive of your photos and share them right away!
3. you’re a future rock star and want a major publisher listen to your music? Upload your album in lossless quality!
4. planning to reinstall Windows? Make a backup!
5. you’re designer and your last work is just too big? No problem, upload it to 4shared in one shot!

With new 4shared improvement you can forget about hours of archiving your files. All you have to do is upload your file right away and enjoy the results!


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  • Eviloga says:

    WoWW!! for real??
    I can’t wait <3

  • sidney says:

    thats good to see !
    I WILL enjoy this update SOON ASAP

  • marco says:

    thank you 4shared…^^

  • Loz says:

    That’s very generous – thank you so much.

  • You are the best file sharing website ever created. Thanks for the generous offer. You are really the best.

  • Sandra says:

    Wow, that would be fantastic!! That is why I love 4shared so much. Best file sharing that has been created. I tell everyone to check this site out and they will be hooked with all the features and ease of use.
    Thanks for all your hard work. Really appreciate it.

  • TC Abdu Salam says:

    Very nice to hear the Exellent News

  • Kainsmoney says:

    Wow, a 10 times upgrade, amazing !!!

  • AnXiOuS says:

    That’s what one should call WoNdErFuL news! Congratulations and Thanks, 4shared guys’n’gals! Err… guess you’re gonna email us about this, aren’t you?.. 😉

  • toufik says:


  • 3shtar says:

    Wow,That’s wonderful work .

    Thanks 4shared.

  • kimi says:

    OH was waiting for it….
    i hope they allow 1 GB
    fingers crossed

  • kimi says:

    well thanks 4shared, its best file hosting site

  • kimi says:

    oh they allow 2 gb gosh… thanks alot 4shared

  • Kuppusamy says:

    WOW..This is a great news…4shared rocks..

  • unwritten says:


  • shin says:

    awsesome news…
    you’re the BEST 4shared! 🙂

  • Dowglasz says:

    Very good! I liked to know this!

  • satt says:

    the best file sharing website!!
    thanks so much 4shared…

  • Chuges says:

    Oh, God! that would save me from A LOOOOOOOOT of problems!! just the other day I needed to upload a file of almost 1gb and I couldn’t find where!!
    Thank you 4shared! I knew I made the right choice by picking you guys as my file storage!

    Now all I need is that people can search by the option of username, that way all my friends can locate MY files without me having to make a list of links! 😀

  • stv says:

    All this for free users?…veeeery nice!

  • sabfrompc says:

    Hooray! I can hardly wait for this!

  • Jinn says:

    I love 4shared

  • M.Sid says:

    there is no one else like U
    V r thankful to U
    plzzz launch it ASAP


  • dani31 says:

    thanks in advance!!!best file sharing site anywhere period!

  • danyald says:

    Please hurry up. i cant wait!!

  • Michaeljohnm says:

    Really! Yes! I’ve been waiting for this to happen! At last, I wouldn’t need to split my files… 🙂

    AND WOW, 4shared us approaching 1 PETABYTE of hosted files! 🙂 Nice!

  • Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank God for allowing someone to bless the small Ministries. May God continue to Bless your company.

  • othegui says:

    ¡gracias 4 shared!

  • Wallison-BR says:

    I CAN’T WAIT !!!!
    I LOVE 4SHARED!!!!!

  • Bleachthisisnotmyrealname says:

    Oh wow! Are you guys serious?! This is awesome!=) Thanks 4shared!=D

  • Darth GTB says:

    Very good! with this you finally beat Adrive!

    I have an account here and one there.

    the only thing Adrive keep better than 4Shared is that i do not need to login to do not lose my files, but my 4Shared account is from 2007, and i never had a problem with that…

    the 50GB free is useless to me. in 4Shared i have only 3.5GB today and if i go to 15GB i can make a new account.

    thanks 4Shared! keep growing!

  • ahmed says:

    cant wait to try it out

  • bulbaky says:

    From the middle of the world, we are very happy (ECUADOR).
    thanks dear friends 4share this wonderful news.

  • Kywyx0 says:

    You just must be kiddin’… This can’t be true… This must be some kinda early April’s Fool Day joke, isn’t it?

    That’s why I say 4shared really rocks. It’s the best current file sharing website so far.

    You’re nuts there guys! 🙂 D’ya know I want you, don’t ya? 🙂

    4shared FTW!!!

    Regards from Buenos Aires.

  • Beytag says:

    Me gustaria mucho aumentar el tamaño de subida para los archivos, si pueden ayudarme me gustaria mucho

  • systemonline says:


  • twinblades says:

    Nice one 4shared you guys rule:)

  • alex says:

    Good thing, I hope next will be additional free space storage,^_^

  • sontoloyo says:

    great news for others … but too bad for me, in my country we have poor conection, so as a free user i must lost a chance to download any split file that ussually upload by others, cause with 2gb allowed i ll always got disconected and time out and never had a chance to downloaded a complete 2gb file… 🙁 … arghhhh

  • animak says:

    thx dudes!

  • James says:

    Beats all other web sites of it’s kind hands down!

  • chupa says:

    F***ing Awesome…………..

  • vanxbadday says:

    it’s cool. Usefull 4 sharing to my link :}
    thanks 4

  • WOW,

    This is great news, do we know when this will happen?

    Thanks 4shared

  • Lashawn Hairston says:

    WOW this is amazing now i can make archiving easier
    great job

  • Cool110000 says:

    wow, a premium feature for FREE for UNLIMITED TIME… wait a minute, does that mean that the premium feature is going to be improved or will the premium just be wiped out as free? O_O

  • cd1234 says:

    Awesomness. 2GBs is awesome from 200mb. I knew that I found my number 1 file hosting site when I signed up here. Thanks

  • eoarwyn says:

    I thought that was for premium account…but 2GB for FREE? Bloody great, thank you! 🙂

  • Muito bom,
    quando entra em vigor
    ja está deixando os outros serviços com medo,
    pois os mesmos irão ficar no XINELO.

  • Mugen_Boy says:

    That’s a good news to hear ^^

  • Ro Kendall says:

    Yay thank you 4shared!XD

  • Ross says:

    while I was happy at first,now I can’t help wondering is this the cause of my not being able to access at all?

    I keep getting the following message :

    503 Service Unavailable
    No server is available to handle this request.

  • haidir says:

    When it happens, my files is almost using 100% of capacity

  • raghsuma says:

    Great.Welcome it.Thanks 4shared.

  • fahim says:

    thank u 4shared ……….

  • voxx says:

    Thanks 4Shared this is amazing, 🙂

  • thanks u 4shared..

  • melodylamour says:

    4Shared, thank you for all you all do to make us want to keep coming back. Mostly, thank you for keeping it free for us. Oh and thank you all for continually improving and adding features. 4Shared You are the Best!!

  • Izhar says:

    Yeah, 4shared are the best
    I will keep use you 4shared
    wohoo !!!

  • Farhan says:

    This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO noice! I upload a LOT of files to online hosting websites and this file size upgrade is GREAT news! 4shared, here I come as a regular user of yours. Keep up the good work!

  • Farhan says:

    And I LOVE how it isn’t required for one to download a video file before being able to view it. 4shared’s ability to play videos online directly is great! Thanks for your (free) service.

  • Hadi Rianto says:

    Thanks for a fun 4shred free service

  • Rehan says:

    has 4shared already launched this feature? please confirm.

  • Dear Rehan, the maximum upload file size is 2048 MB for free users.

  • Alex_Romania says:

    Excelent work, i have some folders with pictures that are almost 2gb and few friends which have account on 4shared, is a pleasure to share pictures i’ve got with me and them.

  • Adriano87 says:


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