4shared Has an Exciting New Look!

By Irin L
06 / 02 / 2012

Yes, it’s true! Now all 4shared fans have a chance to enjoy our newest, upgraded 4shared design!

Read on for more details.

Along with the introduction of new 4shared features and modification of the well-known ones, we are excited to present our users with the new, stylish look of our website. With its exquisitely-selected color palette and innovative design solutions, the upgraded 4shared.com has become even easier and more convenient.

You can now easily search and upload your files, browse featured 4shared products for different PC and mobile operating systems, learn more about the 4shared Developer Program, or check for the latest available 4Sync version—all from the index page.

And the interface of our updated 4shared site has become even more interactive. With the inserted Settings menu icon, you can find and choose the most frequently used options or customize your account settings in just a few clicks.

Also, with the newly-added fast navigation within the menu, it’s easy to virtually manage your account settings, check 4shared FAQs, browse through our Help section, change the interface language, and send us your feedback.

Just click on the Settings icon and select the option you want from the list.

Have you tried the new 4shared look yet? Do it right now and share your impressions with us.

4shared: Always Beyond Limits!


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  • idgaoune says:

    i suggest to change the coulor of 4shared site

  • Samar says:

    Looks good. Congratz for the design update.

  • rd says:

    I like the color design. easy on the eyes.

  • i like 4share and u can get good music.

  • i like 4share and u can get good music.

  • waska says:

    como faço para me livrar do abuse que tira as minhas pastas de music

  • very pleasing to the eyes and the music is wonderful to the ears keep up keeping on

  • yasser says:

    جميل جدا أتمنى لكم الافضل

  • freddy says:

    q bien like esta mucho mas actualizada q nunka espero q sigan adelante y no cierren esta pagina para compartir archivos gracias

  • graziella says:

    it is very nice but i do not know if it works as well as before…

  • LLG Denise says:

    don’t like it. too much like google.

  • zg says:

    @LLG Denise
    Google? It looks more like Twitter.

    By the way, great new look, I liked it. Now just the Control Panel needs a similar look.

  • Alacahez says:

    This new 4Shared has errors
    I can’t delete my files.

  • iraqs0ft says:

    I like the color design. easy on the eyes

  • IRAQI HAWK says:

    viva 4shared …. very nice design

  • DDM says:

    I can’t upload my files. After I click “Upload” nothing happen. It doesn’t work.

  • maria maria says:

    Gosto muuuuuito do 4shared,tem sido de grande utilidade.Gostaria de dar uma sugestão no quesito Livros,para quem postar,colocar o idioma logo de cara,ia facilitar muito.

  • elPatrixF says:

    I like the new layout. It looks a lot like mediafire’s 🙂

  • jack says:

    its nice but can you explain me why your links are blocked on facebook they write the 4 shared links are not safe

    further i am happy over here

    jack k

  • downgeppo says:

    New site had any errors. Unable to upload file, unable to erase message an many more.
    What can I do?

  • جميل جدا أتمنى لكم الافضل

  • giuni says:

    I can’t seem to upload anything with the new look _ quite frankly, it isn’t working quite the way you think. The log out icon next to the user image on the top right hand corner of the browser, says “cancel your account” instead of LOG OUT .. I’m sorry. I preferred the old version. It was easy to use and fast to upload and download any material.

  • Shahid says:

    My Request is just that plz secure our Date which I put on 4shared and trust on your service OK.

  • Shahid says:

    My Request is just that plz secure our Date which I put on 4shared by trusting on your service OK.

  • chicent says:

    wonderful, i like it

  • herudae says:

    Looks very nice

  • jessica says:

    me encantan los colores.
    me gusta mucho me es muy util.

  • dfggdfgdfg says:

    It doesn’t work.

  • Romina says:

    How is it that when I google something (like a pdf), supposedly 4shared has it, but then when I search for it in 4shared’s search engine, it says it doesn’t have it! I go back to google and access it from there and can easily download what I want… what’s going on?!

  • MV88 says:

    Trovo che sia decisamente meglio di quello precedente!!! ^_^

  • Mivousè says:


    Folder view is working:
    Directory view is NOT working:
    Minifolder view is NOT working:

    If someone else wants to check this, just choose any folder of yours and replace the word in bold above using any of these three.

    Thank you very much.

  • Mohsin says:

    4Shared is amazing webstorege site. I like it very much and its new look also very nice. i m very happy to become a part of 4shared family.

    Thanks 4shared 🙂

  • daniele says:

    Doesn’t work.
    No IE 9, no Firefox, no Chrome.
    Neither drag and drop or simple upload.


  • Tina Evans says:

    Always liked 4s–hope you guys(gals) don’t suffer the same fate as MU….lost over 200 files over there…..4s will be one of my main upld sites.

  • Terry says:

    I really like the look of the new front page. I would just like it a bit more if the same design carried through to the file / folder interface, which still looks like a very old PC to me!


  • bala says:

    yup looking good…

  • zgab says:

    I’m a blind user, with this look (whatever it is, I don’t know) I can’t find LOG OUT link or button with my screen reader. So I use 4shared desktop to log out from my account and I use it for manage my account, not from this website. Can I change it to Classic view or Basic view or something like that, so this web can be accessed by someone like me?

  • DJ NINIX says:


  • lynda says:

    Love it. Thank you.

  • Lie says:

    Looks nice …辛苦了… dear team 4shared…

  • Debbie says:

    Thank you so much for changing the Search feature. I can enter my search parameters inside my 4shared account but the search directs me to the main download/search page. This is exactly what I asked for. Thank you!

  • jane says:

    yes ! i like it.

  • Jefri says:

    i love 4shared,n always,

  • hi friends

  • you spiki espanish

  • Michael says:

    Pretty, but it’s a mess with Chrome 17.xx, Comodo Dragon (same engine), Opera 14.x and last but not least, the FTP access option does not work as previously (Or does not work at all.).
    For people like me, who uses 4shared mostly to leave my work to clients for review, our preferences goes for the predictable, simple and reliable.
    Good Practices rules that you have to test tough before deployment.

  • Lorri says:

    DOES NOT WORK!!!!!

    Why did you change a good thing???

  • elihou says:

    GOOD LOOK!!!

    At the beginning it wasn’t clear. But now it’s PERFECT!!!


    Thank you also for this wonderful tool which is 4shared

  • jeer says:

    Why does the embed code or the html code not work anymore at my weblog after the new look of 4shared????


  • jeer says:

    It does work again!



  • veninameliasitepu says:

    wow, interesting……….

  • Putri says:

    Thank you for this great services but I just wonder why 4shared doesn’t give link column in its account panel like youtube does.

  • Asad says:

    I like new design, colour.
    and I like 4shared services

  • I hate it! It doesn’t work right. People are able to download from my web sit- but it’s not showing me how many downloads I have had. Why is that?

  • Ernesto Guevara says:

    Others trying to download from my free account now say they are being asked to open an account in order to do so, where previously they went straight to the download link and could do so after the timer countdown.
    New uploads on my account remaion at zero for activity even if a few people state they have in fact managed to download a copy. Why?
    Is it now true that unless you are registerd with 4shared you cannot access downloads?

  • Kyth01 says:

    Hey, the hit-counters don’t work anymore. What happened?

  • pache says:

    i like 4shared.the best of better,fast download find it all, lets gO

  • Habtamu says:

    Thank you very much for the information you delivered.

  • sampa says:

    Download now only login, really !!!!????

    HulShare the best now for streaming audio.

  • I love the new look its perfect! <#

  • nor says:


  • NINI says:

    By my opinion the old look wose better than the new one,simple obvious and faster.
    Thats my opinion.

  • Jackie says:

    People trying to download from my free account are now being asked to sign in or sign up with 4shared..I have tried to download stuff from other people’s free account and I get the same message. Can someone please tell me what is going on…Thanks

  • exelente estoy contento de pertenecer a esta familia–agradable el nuevo look felicitaciones

  • Fuad says:

    4shared became slow nowaday. I wounder the reason why?!

  • Penny says:

    Whenever I try to download scrapbook kits I get a 500 error sign.Even tested my own same thing??

  • Clayton Forrester says:

    It’s really gorgeous, except that the countdown doesn’t work, so I can’t download anything.

    Otherwise, bravo. Beautiful.

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