New 4shared Features Introduced!

By Irin L
14 / 06 / 2011

As 4shared is constantly searching for versatile ways to modify our services and make them even more convenient in usage, we are now happy to introduce the brand-new exciting and handful features of

Music Stream at Search Results Page

From now on, you don’t need to download all the tracks in the search results list in order to find the one, which you have been really looking for at, anymore.

It’s the newest 4shared feature “Music Stream at Search Results Page”, which enables you listen to any music file online, right at the search results page.

Whenever you wish to stream pleasant music, which you haven’t yet added to your 4shared account, or downloaded, with the new “Music Stream at Search Results Page” you only need to:

1) enter the search keyword

and 2) click on the “Play” button.

3)The track will start playing automatically.

Slideshow-View at Search Results Page

You no longer need to open each photo from the search list separately to view it large-sized.

By clicking on the “Slideshow” button, now available right at the search results page, you can browse the complete list of photos, shown in the search results list.

It has become even simpler to find the desirable photo or image at

1)Enter any related keyword and choose “Photo” section.

2)Select “Slideshow”.

3)Enjoy browsing all the found photos as slideshow to find the one, you have been searching for faster.

Benefits are obvious at!


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  • raminmirzadi says:

    raper kerman

  • caine123 says:

    Awsome. Each day 4shared make me more and more happy. Innovation and creativity. 🙂

  • Joomla Rise says:

    Do what you love
    A friend of mine keeps telling me, “Do what you love. Do it even though you may not be getting paid to do it.” I looked at him as though her were crazy. Do it even though you may not be getting paid? But I need the money to maintain my family. I thought about it and found that he did have a valid point.
    Think about it. If you do something that you love you do it with a passion and with a zeal. You don’t have to be forced to do the research or whatever it takes to make the end product “wow” people. This “hobby” now become your specialization and guess what you are great at it and people are wondering why you are not making money off of it.
    Here is your chance to make money and do what you love. When my friend said,” Do it even though you may not be getting paid.” he never said that you never would get paid for it. What he basically meant was that if given the choice to be happy or always stressed choose happiness.

  • Gaburi says:

    Wow… this is a very good options :3

  • Cahyana says:

    OK, this is good for me to have a look. I will try for the best possible use of it

  • Shah says:

    Awesome. I’ll give it a try

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