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By Irin L
09 / 02 / 2011

Hey, hey, hey, don’t pass by as today we announce a brand new application that can be useful for everybody – 4shared Messenger! This is a new IM that allows you to share any files (video, music, photos, books etc.) while you chat with your friends. Is that it? No!

4shared Messenger gives you an instant access to your social media accounts in Jabber, Google Talk, Live Journal, Orkut, Facebook, Twitter and manage them in one place. We believe you should be able to connect with your friends everywhere. We’re happy to announce that now you can with 4shared Messenger.

Top 10 4shared Messenger features
1. Login with your 4shared account name. No need to waste your time on additional registration process:

2. Add your social media accounts (Jabber, Google Talk, Live Journal, Orkut, Facebook, Twitter) and start to communicate with your 4shared Messenger right away. By integrating 4shared Messenger with your preferred social media web sites, you’ll never miss a message! Simply connect your 4shared Messenger the social media web sites of your choice and start chatting. You will not need to stay logged in to any of them to continue to access your friends:

3. Millions of people are waiting to make friends with you! Search for them by User ID, e-mail, nickname, first name, last name, country and even city!

4. Want a moment of peace? Set your status picture and visibility:

5. Send multiple messages to all your friends at the same time!

6. Manage your privacy lists. If you don’t want to be visible by all of your online friends, you can adjust your visibility in the settings.

7. Manage your settings including general options, contact list, events, messaging, history, status mode, anti-spam, sounds, interface, shortcuts, plugins, connection, audio, video and accounts:

8. Send files via 4shared! Just drag&drop any file you want to your message window and it will be uploaded to your 4shared account in the matter of seconds! You can transfer files via 4shared or directly from user to user:

9. Create conferences to chat with more than one person at the same time:

10. Express yourself with smiles so everybody will know how do you feel:

And don’t forget about unique designs for 4shared Messenger that will fit your mood! All you need is to download setup file and start it on your computer for skins’ faster and easier installation!

Your conversations will remain completely private and only between you and your friends! Starting today, you need just one thing to communicate – 4shared Messenger!


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  • shakir says:


  • shakir says:

    my name is shakira

  • jayan says:

    4share is very useful and very esiest site to download useful things

  • RKDD aka Muhendis Al-Dabkeh says:

    keep it goin guys!!!

  • iphud says:

    thanks 4shared.com, ur program very usefull… keep making innovation….

  • 3shtar says:

    thanx, 4shared team
    it is great effort

  • mostafaOnez says:

    Onez Is My Name

  • carzagan(atm) says:

    WOOOTTTT ces’t magnifique!!! amazing. i will prove it like a portable program 😉

  • Nouveau says:


  • Zharlie says:

    wow! that’s amazing! thanks for making that possible guys… thank you…

  • Yacoub says:

    it is not strange as 4share is always a pioneer.
    congrats, good luck

  • Mugen_Boy says:

    looks cool 😉

  • delta says:

    say hallo my friend………………

  • carlos says:

    hi esta beattyfull esta page

  • Rebekah says:

    Have 4shared app and music app been removed from the iTunes store? I couldn’t find them there today. New iPod, need to redownload my favorite apps.

  • Pan says:


    A very good start for a chat program.

  • PARKJISUNG says:


  • toko online says:

    congrats 4shared

  • shery says:

    it is not strange as 4share is always a pioneer.
    congrats and thank you

  • gullith says:

    grasias por incluirme

  • beautifully messenger. and i want to try download, install and using this application.thanks 4shared…

  • Danieru Deviluke Delta says:

    Una cosa si digo, 4shared nunca nos falla, y espero que no lo haga nunca.

  • ashekelmosekar says:


  • Dj Marcos says:

    nice messenger that’s really works !!!

  • dody bastiansyah says:

    i’m amazed

  • kamal says:

    IM 4 shared don t accepte inscription i don t know why ? I have try all m adreass e’mail.more then 10.maybe my geogarfique position adreass aren t good for IM 4 SHARED ,,,,,,,

  • ابداع متواصل

  • ODARP says:

    this IM really does work!

  • LaNa says:


  • finally i got 8…!!!!

  • G.N.R.S.U says:

    great effort changes!!

  • iphonk says:

    messenger which is very interesting and cool boss

  • sperbianca says:

    The best.
    Great storage.

  • Hai says:

    4Shared is the best…semoga semakin maju terus yaaa…

  • That’s really awesome. I love 4shared. It is really the best free file hosting website all over the world.

  • REIAD12 says:

    messenger which is very interesting and cool boss

  • Felix says:

    The best site I’ve ever seen, Keep up d good works.

  • zaiah says:


  • zaiah says:

    i say the same as felix

  • soelinnkyaw says:

    That is right. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  • MARIO says:


  • negaar says:

    4 shared is filter in iran what shuld ido?
    i love 4 shared so much it is cool

  • mahban says:

    i love you all :))

  • – – – 4Shared -My 4shared-shared folder-free file sharing & Storage – – –

    *** 4shared is a four sharing folders,application files ,mp3 files,video files…etc,
    *** 4shared help to 4 peoples sharing and download wanted it.
    *** 4shared help to 4shared desk top software s
    *** 4shared folder help to for sharing ,for seeing, for earing , watching…etc,
    *** 4shared help to for sharing to Facebook,Orkut,Twitter,Blogge…etc
    Thans for 4shared Team
    ========== I love yu all application software works ======

  • nice…..sites.

    i like this…


  • Blue_Jaguar says:

    Great… BRAVO 4shared.

  • hell says:

    “Qip” knows?

  • Rahman says:

    Hi… My name is Rahman

  • cathy says:


  • alejandro says:

    Messenger 4shared, en el futuro sera compatible com myspace y con messenger de windows?

  • Arsalan says:

    I love this, Awsome work

  • Kurai says:

    Hey! It’s just QIP Infium 9042

  • ShinigamiLoL says:

    It will be better if we could acess MSN Messenger!

  • irineu manoel says:

    parabens galera ! congratulations ! show de bola ! very good ,mas quando sai um app 4shared messenger para android ,

    e mais voces tem que botar o blog em varias linguas tambem tipo em pt br ! the blog language in portuguese brazil and multilaguage !

    congratulations ,

  • Aisyah Khadijah says:

    So Cool
    I Like 4Shared
    and I Like 4share Messenger too

  • jwp says:

    i love 4shared and really like the messenger its got one drawback as far as im concerned it uses waaay to much cpu when webcam is on if that could be reduced i would be a proud 4shared messenger user & forget all other messengers. id like to know if there is a forum for 4shared messenger id like to give some feedback to the makers if possible 🙂

  • eubanks8 says:

    And don

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