4shared Mobile for Android @ Android Market!

By Irin L
30 / 03 / 2011

We are happy to announce that 4shared Mobile for Android was recently accepted to be listed at Android Market. 4shared Mobile application saves your time and money as you get the direct access to your 4shared web account in one action. No redundant pages to download mean less to pay for the traffic.

With 4shared Mobile you can create, rename, group and delete folders on 4shared web account directly through your phone. Download files from 4shared web account and work with it when needed!

Top 5 4shared Mobile features:

1. Multiple files upload and download
2. Advanced search and storing searches data
3. Cut/copy/paste multiple files
4. sharing your favorite files with your friends;
5. adding files to your list of favorites for a quick access;

>>> Click here to install 4shared Mobile for Android at Android Market! <<<


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  • Gulzar Minto says:

    I am having problem with my playlist it wont play on my website and 4 shared. … I also want to change the size of playlist embeded widget.Kindly advice thanks.soon as possible….

  • ederson says:

    mui bien pero no he aprendido a subir un juego

  • Mugen_Boy says:

    Cool job guys 🙂

  • Terence says:

    Spelling error spotted on the app’s login page.

    “Sign in” not “Sing in”

  • sirus says:

    Very nice your website

  • Saludos… Con quien o por donde me comunico para reactivar mi cuenta.???

    Ya elimine los archivos que estaban pendientes por su eliminacion…!!!!!

    Saludos y Gracias…!!!!

  • dody says:

    ini cakep banget, bagus

  • muboark says:

    thanks you for this thanks

  • Miss Ann says:

    pls… disbanned my account 🙁

  • Miss Ann says:

    pls disbanned my account 🙁

  • keren banget..

  • nosa says:


  • nour el houda says:

    جميل ورائع

  • wiam says:

    جميل ورائع

  • cristonal says:


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