4shared Photo for iPhone/iPad Released!

By Irin L
05 / 07 / 2011

Undoubtedly, 4shared continuously impresses its fans with more bright and useful applications for versatile platforms. As for now, we are immensely glad to announce the official release of the newly-developed app – 4shared Photo for iPhone/iPad.

Read more for details.

4shared Photo for iPhone/iPad is definitely a long-expected product, which allows capturing, storing, managing and sharing your photos and photo-albums in a quick and convenient way.

It’s a perfect app for travelers, parents, or just people, who wish to share their memories and the best moments of life with others.

Worthy of Trying App

Being very simple in usage, 4shared Photo for iPhone/iPad comprises a great number of exciting features:

  1. Take quick photos on your iPhone with the auto/manual photo-quality.
  2. Share your photos, with anyone, you wish, in Twitter and Facebook, via e-mail, etc.
  3. No more cables, flash-cards or additional software is required to share any photo, you wish to.
  4. Save all taken photos in high resolution without damaging their quality.

This is not all, by the way

With 4shared Photo for iPhone/iPad you can also:

  1. Manage your photos and photo-albums: create new albums, rename, sort and delete any separate photos or photo-albums, if you don’t need them anymore.
  2. Have the back-up of 999999 photos at the secure account at 4shared with 15 GB free storage space.
  3. Save the memory on your iPhone and download any photos, you have backed-up at 4shared, on your device, whenever you need them.
  4. Browse photos from 4shared anytime and anywhere directly on your iPhone.
  5. Manage photos in your albums directly on your iPhone: copy, rename, delete and share any photos, or folders, you want.
  6. Browse and manage all you photos, and photo-albums, not only via your iPhone, but any PC, having internet access, as well – at your 4shared account.
  7. 4shared Photo for iPhone/iPad is a FREE app, so you can spare your money for other things, needed.

Haven’t you tried 4shared Photo for iPhone/iPad? Do it now and share your impressions with us in comments!

Broaden your digital horizons with 4shared!

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  • Eric says:

    I tried the 4shared sync app for iPad and it seems like you have to download the photos from 4shared in order to view them. Am I missing something? Isn’t there a way to just view the photos without having to pull them down from the site? Thanks

  • Ungkana says:

    I love it

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