4shared Gets Even More Social!

By Irin L
26 / 09 / 2012

Amazing news for 4shared fans! We are ready to present you with new social features, now available to every user of our service!

Read on for more details.

The new season brings innovation and useful updates at 4shared! This time we added multiple convenient social features, available for all users. To start with, its now easier and faster to log into your web-account – simply login with any one of you social media accounts like, Facebook, Google or Twitter. You no longer need to enter your e-mail and password every time.

Connecting your accounts with 4shared is also effortless and requires just a few steps:

1)      Log in your 4shared account.

2)      Click on “My Account”.

3)     Opt for connecting your 4shared web-account with one SM profile or more.

We also extended the list of provided options to share your files stored at 4shared, with the global Facebook community. It’s now possible to share the links to your data directly with your friends, colleagues or acquaintances in private FB messages or post file links directly on your Timeline. Check out how convenient it is:

1)      Click on the file you wish to share.

2)      Press “Share with friends” button.

3)      Choose “Links” in the opened pop-up window.

4)      Opt for sending the link to the file either in a PM to your friends on Facebook or posting it instantly on your Timeline.

Are you excited to try 4shared’s new social features? Do it now and tell us what you think.

4shared: Communicate, Connect and Share!


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  • William Oxner says:

    Thank you for the update and e-Mail concerning the expanded use of the 4shared service..

  • I cannot even get to my account… I keep getting an error message of 500…(something about a server error) and they will not connect me to 4share at all, for anything… I know you will say y account has expired but I cannot nor have I vbeen able to get to my account for a long time… Pleae check and let me know how I can save my account and be able to access 4share… thanks so very much and may God bless you abundantly… thanks again hilda4jc

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    Till sometime back, Facebook was not accepting 4shared links in posts there, saying it was spam. Need to try it out now. This surely will help us all in sharing our files.

  • Lyn says:

    Is it illegal to share the music files?

  • irmansyah says:

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  • Mark says:

    But anyone who wants to download anything from 4shared still MUST have an 4shared account also, right?
    That “feature” sucks big time!! You should change that ASAP.
    I send link to my friends and they can’t download my file because they don’t have a 4shared account.
    That’s awful.

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  • I’ve been trying to get to your site but it tells me that my account is already with you when trying to log in it dose not accept it i just gave up on this site i’ll look for some else to down load my music

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  • Vamos ver, se a coisa funciona com maior clareza melhor para mim que sou idoso. Manda ver, pelo ao menos os comentários são favoráveis mais sou desconfiado. Demorou

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    제가 비밀번호 잊업버렸는데 도저히 못찾겠어요 비밀번호 찾기해두 메일 커녕은 여기4shared에 관한 건 커녕 아무것두 안와요
    제발 비밀 번호좀 찾는 방법을 알려주세요 한글로,,,

  • Thanks 4shared…

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  • Zainal Abidin bin Shaik Dali says:

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  • razzell2 says:

    Lyn asks:
    Lyn says:
    October 1st, 2012 at 12:57 am (#)
    Is it illegal to share the music files?

    Is it ok for you to take your purchased cd and share the music with your friend?
    Of course it is.
    If you have uploaded music to your 4shared account, of course it is not illegal to share that music with the 4shared community.
    From here, from 4shared, you are not accessing illegal music files. You are downloading, or sharing music files that have been uploaded by someone to your website…4shared.
    Now, where that music came from in the first place in another question, but one that does not concern us here at 4shared.
    THAT is what is great about having a 4shared account.

  • razzell2 says:

    I also see many complaints about sharing music, or music links with friends who are not 4shared members.
    Isn’t it obvious that if you are a 4shared member, and you share a 4shared music link, that the person who listens to it should be registered and logged in to 4shared?
    I dont see what the problem is here.
    YOU are logged in when you share the link to facebook or in an email to your friend…why shouldn’t your friend be logged in as well?
    Of course it is a way for 4shared to gather members, but I dont see why everyone is angry about this.
    I mean, you’re here, right?
    What’s the big deal about having to create a 4shared account to be able to access the links?

  • danny says:

    iza jo.

  • shahul says:


  • Mark Smith says:

    razzell2 says:

    Lyn says:

    Is it illegal to share the music files?

    Is it ok for you to take your purchased cd and share the music with your friend?
    Of course it is.
    If you have uploaded music to your 4shared account, of course it is not illegal to share that music with the 4shared community.
    From here, from 4shared, you are not accessing illegal music files. You are downloading, or sharing music files that have been uploaded by someone to your website…4shared.
    Now, where that music came from in the first place in another question, but one that does not concern us here at 4shared.
    THAT is what is great about having a 4shared account.


    This is so not true. And 4shared is doing nothing to check when someone complains about copyright and reports abuse.
    Any fool can click that link and 4shared automatically gives you warning and removes your files/closes acc.
    That happened to me. Someone was reporting file abuse and that certain “someone” introduced itself to 4shared as some copyright agency from my country so 4shared gave me another warning.
    And what was the most interesting part – there is no such agency/with such name in my country at all, it was someones “made up”.
    Maybe someone hated and wanted to remove my file because it was a christian song??
    Anyway, 4shared did nothing to check the supposed “agency” but hurry up and hit me with a warnig and another warning of closing the account.
    And that’s not the only case. My friends acc. was also closed due to false abuse reports just because it contained only christian materials.
    Worth thinkin’ about it, huh?
    And not only because of christian files – 4shared does nothing on checking the reports but believes it automatically and there you go – guilty as charged. You got warning (and maybe even an acc. closedown). Too sad…
    I had to hide my files/acc from public search in order to keep them stored by 4shared.

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