Find out more about 4shared: check the October updates

By Irin L
08 / 10 / 2013


4shared team has been working on the updates earlier this month. What’s new? Get ready to check out the updated 4shared Music for Android and 4shared on Web.

This October we have released new version 2.3.1 of 4shared Music.
Added features:
&#10004 Icons to switch the play mode of the playlist: standard, shuffle, repeat;
&#10004 Buffering of track, when playback is paused;
&#10004 Play the buffered part of a track without Internet connection;
&#10004 Fixed the crash of application during incoming call;
&#10004 Added Google Analytics;
&#10004 Removed buttons Ringtone Matcher;
&#10004 Fixed bugs.


Stay tuned for more updates this autumn, and enjoy your time with 4shared.

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  • Ralph says:

    Can you update the GNU/Linux client, so as to avoid the crash. Thanks.

  • Ralph says:

    just a follow up. now the client works. the only change was instqallled ” libgroovy1.7.2-java”

  • nika says:


  • marvin says:


  • Wichita says:


  • dj cabelinho says:


  • Abizar says:

    kalispera zw stin germania molis noaikisa mpanio den exei xrwma oi toixoi einai asproi kai genika ola aspra einai arketa megalo mpanio den to les kai mikro ta oikonomika mou den mou epitrepoun na spatalisw polla lefta mipws exetai kamia idea pws mporw na to ftiaksw ?egw proswpika elega na xrisimopoieisw apoxrwseis tou lime ..kai tirkouaz ti lete?

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