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By Irin L
01 / 03 / 2011

4shared has always focused on building ways for people to share files with each other. During last six years we’ve been providing our users with a number of useful applications to make their filesharing experience better than ever before.

Three years ago we have introduced the concept of 4shared SOAP API (Application Programming Interface), which is the idea that everybody could use 4shared components. However, until now it hasn’t been possible to easily do this. Today we are making it so all developers can work together to build new apps using 4shared SOAP API. We offer a simple set of tools that developers around the world can use to personalize experiences and build out the brand new applications.

There are more than 100 elements that can be used for developing of your own apps for Mobile Phones (iPhone, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows mobile), Windows, Mac, iPad, and Linux. The most popular ones include:

  • access web account
  • upload/download files
  • search files
  • create and delete folders
  • synchronize files and folders
  • restore files
  • get files info
  • get direct links to files
  • adding files to account
  • and much more…

4shared Desktop is a good example of PC/Mac application that is using 4shared SOAP API. This application allows uploading and downloading hundreds of files simultaneously using 4shared Desktop supports drag&drop, synchronization, protecting files with passwords, adding folders to users personal 4shared page, quick links to files for sharing data with via e-mail, blogs and forums etc.

Considering apps for mobile which were developed with 4shared SOAP API you can always check out our 4shared Mobile applications for Android, Symbian and BlackBerry which give you an opportunity to manage your online 4shared account and browse all the content of

So, why not develop you own application using 4shared SOAP API and get $5,000 with free promotion at 4shared?

1. Read 4shared API documentation.
2. Make your app using any 4shared SOAP API functions you need.
3. Test your app. It should work fine with no bugs.
4. Register free account at 4shared and upload your application.
5. Mail us direct link to your app to
6. Get a chance to get $5,000 after we review your app.


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  • I’m very interesting regarding with your software is very best in the world

  • Please support my computer with software but didn’t make complication with DELL software.
    I know iTunes is very good software and I believe everyone always choice your program

  • sphinx says:

    What’s the last date?

  • Posis says:

    always choice your program

  • allyssa says:

    hehe ka

  • fina says:

    thank for info. but i can’t use it

  • Mon says:

    Dear 4shared,

    I’m quite interested with your API’s, but do I need to buy a license for your API’s when using it with my applications? Thanks!

  • iphonk says:

    not bad, but frankly its free capacity can be used why not all, but a lot of files that have the upload but if it can not what to do.

  • maher htarwat says:

    i lik 4shared

  • roy says:

    хм …. интересно ))

  • nnaemeka says:

    i could not locate my country :NIGERIA , on the country list as i want to upgrade to premium.
    it appears you dont have web paying provision for Nigerians who are interested in 4shared.

    please could you address this to that i could upgrade to premium.

  • says:


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