Download from 4shared with BitTorrent clients!

By Irin L
08 / 07 / 2011

4shared introduces more and more life-facilitating features for its free account users. Last one is downloading files with BitTorrent clients. Just install any BitTorrent client on your computer (if you still don’t have it) and download torrents of the files you need. Within this new 4shared feature unexpected switch offs or changes of internet connection will not make you start downloading once more.

How often have you started downloading twice or more because something happen with your computer, Internet connection or somebody accidentally switched off your PC? 4shared introduces new feature for free account users – downloading files via BitTorrent clients. Let’s look how to do this.

So, if you want to download the file, you should push the button “Download”.

Then wait a few seconds before the downloading process starts and choose which method of downloading you like better – direct or via torrent client. Assure whether you have torrent client on your computer and download necessary torrent file. Here it is.

Now you can do everything you need while waiting for the completion of the downloading. If you hurry, you can just stop the process and switch off computer. Next time you will be working on your computer the file will download fully. Besides, no emergency can hurt your files now. If you stop the work of computer accidentally, after you restarted it, torrent client will go on downloading from the place it stopped.
Great news, don’t you think so?


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  • Name (required) says:

    Wuihh.. Coolz.. !

  • 3volution says:

    nice addition…very helpful for slow speed internet users !!

  • Lazarus says:

    thats amazing! good job!

  • JinBumIl says:


  • Gani Suryadi says:

    bagus banget tuk pengguna sprt gue ini

  • dopamine says:

    Is this feature already working? Because it doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t show the option to download the file using torrent client.

  • dopamine says:

    It works, allright. Its just that one still needs to wait those 90 seconds.

  • Ruthless says:

    Well, It’s not working for me.
    How we could download via torrent if there is no seeds?
    It’s 10 minutes now and my download didn’t started.
    I prefer direct download if I need to wait for age.

  • john maxpudi says:

    congrats! it’s goddamn cool. 😉

  • maryam says:


  • Wallison says:


  • EXE Ideas says:

    It’s Amazing For Free User To Get Resume Capability:-)

  • Omar says:

    Like , Great , Big Thanks To 4Shared Team

  • Hyder says:

    Well Done.

  • Aray Reinhart says:

    sangat berguna sekali, feature yang bagus, thx buat 4shared, semoga tetap gratis…ya!(^_^)

  • Aggy says:

    It’s really great that peploe are sharing this information.

  • hamid says:


  • A5H15H says:

    just great
    made downloading more easy

  • BriBro says:

    nice try but,
    How we could download via torrent if there is no seeds?

  • fredo says:

    how can i download bit torrent client

  • Seta elfha says:

    very nice… muanatep bgt…

  • labista says:

    can someone post the link!!!! i can’t download the software!!!

  • nafri says:


  • Kyrillos says:

    Awosoooooome …. Well Done Guys !!

  • milkymao says:

    This is awesome~ I love you 4shared!

  • Gentlemen!

    I have a uTorrent as Bittorrent client. I wish to know how swich the uTorrent client to 4shared site.
    Hoping your kindly reply, I remain,
    Benjamin Juan TRUDEN
    Microsoft Technet

  • rastaman says:

    excuse me..where’s the download button?

  • aziz says:


  • Allan says:

    at google or yahoo main search page
    just type [insert keyword]

    hope this will make your search easier..

  • Allan says:

    the only problem?

    very few seeds..

  • ravir says:

    Maybe no or very few seed that my download didn’t start at all

  • Zaid Akram says:

    Wow! first time any sharing database has done this. Amazing… Life saver!! Keep it up 4shared…

  • Kiswono P says:

    i think it sucks, whenever i disconnected my internet, i got a new ip, so my torrent client would report this:

    errorCode=1 Tracker returned failure reason: Your IP address has changed. Download and open the torrent file again.

  • Kiswono P says:

    what’s the point of using torrent if you cannot resume your download? hmm.. T^T

  • Zajacz says:

    Just download the torrent again when you have your new IP address. Delete the current torrent you had going but don’t the delete the partial downloaded files. The download will resume where you left off as it sees the partially downloaded files and will continue from there.

  • Marcelo says:

    torrent download is not working anymore? :/

  • EDDY911 says:

    thanks Zajacz it works… 🙂

  • snjflame says:

    Now, the options is not available! Why?

  • rul says:

    yes, can’t find the link to download via torrent anymore

  • ud says:

    This was the coolest 4shared ever had.

  • chris says:

    please put it back! it’s very usefull

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