Great Changes :: New 4shared Premium

By Irin L
19 / 02 / 2009

If you haven’t noticed, 4shared paid subscriptions set has been changed in the last few weeks.  First, our premium subscriptions from now  on are combined into a single package which includes powerful set of  4shared features. This allows you to use both features for advanced storage/sharing and features  for advanced download at the same time.

Second, the new premium account features include maximum upload file size increase to 2GB and storage space to 100 GB! With new ‘Premium’ you also get 100 GB of premium download traffic/bandwidth per month. Can you believe it? Just take a look at our  features page to find out more: .

We would like to mention that you still can make a request for any of our previously offered packages, if you wish.  Feel free to contact our Sales Department at We will do the best we can to find a favorable solution.

More changes will be coming the weeks ahead, so be sure to stay tuned. As always,  please let us know if there is something we can do to make this even better.


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  • wendy says:

    Wonderful to read!

  • never could have known

  • aisya says:

    on’ces band yg di jalan oleh 5 orang pemuda

  • aisya says:

    on’ band yg di jalani oleh 5 orang pemuda untk menjadi band

  • get premium from authorized prize

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