Manage Music Playback in 4shared for iOS

By Irin L
11 / 06 / 2018

As you know, all folders in your 4shared cloud storage that include music/audio files are displayed as playlists in the Music tab in your 4shared for iOS app.
Thus, you only need to tap the playlist to begin streaming it, in a standard, shuffle, or repeat mode.
What you may not know yet…
You can also change the track sequence for a standard playback mode – by a mere few clicks!
How to use?
1. Tap a playlist.
2. Tap a “Tracklist” icon.
3. Tap “Edit.”
4. Swipe “≡” up/down to move a track backwards or forwards within the playlist.
5. Tap “Done.”

Try out the feature yourself – in the latest version of 4shared for iOS,
already available on the App Store!


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    That’s awesome, easy to use. Thanks.

  • Mario says:

    Mônica calcinha preta

  • Thecrow says:


  • Marcelo says:

    Este atire existe na versão em Português? Se existe, como faço para ter acesso?

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