Manage your files faster with new drag & drop feature!

By Irin L
08 / 04 / 2011

With each day 4shared services become faster, easier to use and more convenient! Today we would like to introduce you a new feature that is available for all 4shared users in their online accounts. From now on you’re able to copy and move your files to folders just by dragging them with your mouse!

Can’t wait to test this new feature? Than login to your online 4shared account and follow the instructions below!

3 easy steps to move & copy your files and folders

1. after you have logged in to your account you will see your files:
2. to move or copy one file or folder to another folder you should drag it to another folder:

3. when you will “drop” your file or folder to the new location by releasing your right mouse button, you will be prompted to choose an action you want to perform:

Filesharing should be simple!

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  • rebel says:

    “Please note: The size limit is 2047 MB per file.”
    And why not 2048, hmm? 🙂

  • Ancrazy says:

    nikmatilah hari mu,dengan nafzu.

  • william says:

    i did know

  • I was trying since last five years to download/find my dream songs. Thanks to and You tube. At last I find some rare songs.
    Now I want a song by Ashaji `Haye tabassum tera` from `Nishan` film

  • ninakhaet says:
    Tou dey dont douing.
    Hier vous avez réparé. Mais aujourd’hui, de nouveau il est impossible d’échouter cet album

  • amel says:

    excelente …graciasssssssssssssss

  • Lovely says:

    4shared is the best website to run to.. if u want most recent hit songs and its easy to use!!! BRAVO!!!

  • Teacher says:

    4Shared é o melhor site dos estudantes.Excerlente.
    Muito obrigado.

  • Andrew says:

    You guys are owesome….

  • nitish pandey says:

    my brother was needing a game and he lives in another state and i just uploaded the game on 4shared and he got the game in just an hour………………great website

  • Fanun says:

    hemmmm…thumb for u.. 🙂

  • i-tasik says:

    I do not have an account on 4shared, and there are plans to sign up because I have some files stored cold. thank you for information.


  • Elisaba str says:

    i did know too.

  • Daopro says:

    How can I search for users and download the folders from my other site wed? Anyone can help me? Thank

  • TOM says:

    Venho parabenizar ao site, por obter essa grande novidade e por abrir espaço aos internautas. Desde que conheci esse site eu utilizo até hoje e com tudo ao ter me ajudado, tbm ajudo muitas pessoas em buscas de varios arquivos. Continuem sempre assim em disparada.VLW!

  • jhonxee says:

    is there any one who have idn license no so plz snd me

  • jhonxee says:

    but how

  • Jamal says:

    4hared has went through all expectations and beyond the time for us to exercise something was not possible years ago and to hear and share music lost for years and not known to us as we could not hear everything in our days.
    Thaaaaaaaaanks 4Shared for all the intelligent work.

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