Multiple download for free users

By Irin L
07 / 12 / 2009

A couple of words from usual dialogues of 4shared Support Team with our users:
User: How can I download multiple files?
We: Having Premium subscription you will be able to download as many files as you wish at once…
User: But is takes too long to download single files. I wish I could download all at once…
Sometimes dreams come true… 4shared continues to improve all possible functions and being so proud of ourselves we announce – multiple download is now available now for free users. How to download? Very simply. For this you only need to install 4shared Desktop. It can be found either at our site or in your accounts in new folder Tools. Just log into desktop and you will see a new Download tab near Upload tab. More than that new version of 4shared Desktop has 4shared Synchronization option enabling you to synchronize any folder at your desktop with your 4shared account. And one more advantage of this application is upgraded and improved upload functionality. Now you can upload faster! Try it, you will surely like our innovations! Have other dreams – don’t sleep! Write an email to and tell us what 4shared needs to add to remain the best sharing site ever. We will consider your suggestions and will try to fulfil your dreams!


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