New 4shared feature for Chrome browser!

By Irin L
06 / 10 / 2011

Are you bored of uploading one-after-one file?! Now 4shared presents its brand-new feature for Chrome browsers – uploading the whole folders to users’ accounts. Save your precious time with 4shared! Read how it works.

Earlier when you wanted to upload a lot of different files to 4shared you had either to archive them into one file or to upload them file-after-file. Now you can easily upload the whole folders. However, your folder should be less then 2 GB.

How to upload the whole folder to 4shared using Chrome browser?

1. At the right down corner of your account is a special platform for uploading files. Now it consists two sections – “Upload files” and “Upload folder”. Choose “Upload folder”.

2. Then choose the folder you’d like to upload and start the uploading.

3. Done! Congarts, you’ve uploaded your first folder to 4shared!

Now think about a free time which you save with 4shared!

Cool tips to do during saved time:

– call your old friend;
– cook something (how much junk food do you eat in front of the computer?!);
– compose a timetable for the next day (to save more time and remember everything);
– look for something new to upload to 4shared!

Haven’t you uploaded folders to 4shared yet? Try now!!!


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  • Lisa says:

    I like it

  • tarus says:

    its best!!!!!!!!!!!

  • h2o_cm says:



  • smoof says:

    good using 4shared it helps make music sharing work

  • william says:

    104 kps upload rate O_O here is just 30 kps

  • Silu says:

    It’s Nice

  • a says:


  • henry says:

    download my music

  • Adriano says:

    104.7 kbps
    Here is just 16kbps 0_0

  • abimanyu says:

    laptop saya harus menginstal lagi tapi yang muncul hanya ENTER dan ESC. langkah selanjutnya minta saran dan petunjuk

  • justin says:

    how do you get the Millionaire City passwork

  • Zaigham says:

    Very nice.

  • bsantos says:

    it’s cool and thanks you

  • roCKie says:

    THankU So MUCh FOR tHIS !;!

  • Eyecatcher says:

    That’s cool dude, Thanks a lot its save my day!

  • Daniel says:

    Cool feature, thanks! Great timesaver.

  • baher_fawzy says:

    goooooood tool i like it

  • rivai says:


  • Waheed Ahmad says:

    Good Features, I like it, god bless you

  • Koncoro says:


  • Miguel says:

    Thank you

  • fawker says:

    there is no damn upload “folder” tab on my account wtf!

  • Umesh says:

    2 GB upload limit & folder upload is nice thing for all user

  • always better for any hosting site ………

  • kamal says:

    hi i see ”upload files” option but i did not see ”upload folder” option
    help me!

  • altavista says:

    شكراً لك يا فور شارد أنت دائماً ما تأتينا بالجديد و المفيد

  • asif ali brohi says:

    its nice
    i ilke it

  • D'Docta says:

    I stupid or what..???
    Don’t see that ‘Upload Folder’ tab on my screen…
    Do I need to upgrade something???
    Now I notice, kamal and fawker must be as stupid as I am…


    There is no “Upload” tab.

    Your instructions are woefully incomplete and, therefore, useless.

    Thanks to your poor instructions I wasted a lot of valuable time.


    4shared is an excellent idea. I am very ready to pay for the increased capacity.

    Problem is that the 4shared interface and functionality is still very unfinished.

    My friends, all experienced computer users, are having all kinds of problems trying to figure out how to download images I had previously uploaded.

    I still haven’t figured out how to get the 4shared Desktop to work the way I want it to.

    As previously mentioned. The highly touted and badly needed folder upload feature does not exist. At least not on my web page. I am using the latest version of Firefox and my PC is completely up to date. Ditto Windows 7.

    Many interface features are counter intuitive. They do not comply with the standard windows API. For instance, one must click on the folder name. Clicking on the folder icon does nothing. That goes squarely against the standard windows API. There are other, similar design faults.

    Maybe the 4share programmers should step back and learn all applicable API rules?

    Remember, for everyone who speaks up like I do here, there must be thousands who don’t say anything, give up and go to the competition.

  • Tiffany says:

    Hope 4shared website keeps continuing update and that this site will not be lost

  • BDA says:

    There is no upload “folder” tab on my account!

  • sayeeds96 says:

    how do i upload very fast please support me

  • luvfiction says:

    Really? I see upload files but no upload folders?? I only where glasses for reading so that isn’t the problem. If anyone can help that would be great.

  • samir says:

    لااعرف طريقة استخدام الخدمه

  • alfahad says:


  • Shahzad says:

    very good website if it remains free

  • vnd_aza says:

    thanks for the information that has been given to me.
    the information is very nice.

  • kishore kumar says:


    this is awesome it is useful for every one and we can carry our data easily. u got good thought to made this site. if possible increase some features it’s very useful for uploading files and save the time.

  • manik says:

    good & awesome

  • varsha says:


  • joijvip says:


  • lsmorobi says:

    it’s fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!………

  • Hey ! It’s very nice dude …! This is my first time to upload many files in 1 time ! Wooo ! It’s so nice I loved it
    ORIGINALY MADE BY Vianne Liberato

  • dene mcdodge says:

    Hello guys,
    I have just come across this on my HTC phone, so I thought I would follow it up and have a look at it on my pc. Bare in mind I am very accomplished on a PC and am a very experienced coder of websites.
    This seems like it should be a great product but I simply do not know if it is or not because the GUI is all over the place and not very clear at all.
    For a start, after 35 minutes of searching through the GUI in ‘Chrome’ I can not find the option to ‘up load a folder’ with out that option this product is no good to me.
    What is this product trying to do? Be a file saver, a file synchroniser or a file sharer? I am confused as to what it does and which bit does what?
    Come on guys, get your act together and sot it out before you loose any more customers. Thank you and good luck for the future 🙂

  • AXISnumber5 says:


    “3. Done! Congarts, you’ve uploaded your first folder to 4shared!”

    Great idea, not using Chrome, so no idea if this latest implement to the website works, but as for the 4shared desktop, I have had no problems uploading a whole folder.

    And to those using other browsers (Firefox, etc..) and complaining, it VERY clearly states that this feature is for Google Chrome.

  • aessy aldea says:

    i love it..

  • DJ Panther says:

    Hey ya.Thank U 2 Make it more easier 4 me and 4 everyone,Maybe I Could be Famous by this Albums

  • BrafZachland says:

    i can’t beleive this feature is not already available and i think only making it avail for chrome is a total fail. i have a free account trial and can tell you now i won’t be upgrading when it’s over unless this becomes a standard feature as well as veiwing docs without downloading. i just don’t see the advantage over googledrive or dropbox since both can do all the above plus have a limited free account thats not a trial. i’d pay for more storage on those before i pay 4shared for an inferior feature set.

  • robert funken says:

    jak mam was rozumiec skoro nie moge czytac waszych stron w moim jezyku.

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