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By Irin L
14 / 07 / 2010
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Do you have a cool program you have developed by yourself? Do you want to share it with millions of people per day, get valuable feedback and become famous? Then is here at your service! Continue reading to find out how 4shared can help you… is a free file hosting service that can provide you with everything you need to promote your software. No matter what you do – games, utilities or any other applications, you can always rely on 4shared in terms of bringing your brilliant work to other people all over the world.

Here how it works:
1. get a free account at;
2. login to your account and upload your stuff via online interface using standard mode…

…or multi mode…

…or with the help of our Desktop application:

…where you can press “Select files to upload”, choose needed file and watch the uploading progress:

…and share them with others by pressing the right mouse button on the desired folder (mind that you can share only folders with files inside; no sharing for homeless single files, sorry) and choosing “Sharing&Security …” option:

…and checking “Share this folder” option:

3. get an individual page with all your stats…

…and customize it pressing the “Settings” in your account…

…and choosing all the necessary options you would like including the theme and other settings…

4. receive free information about the rating (1), number of downloads (2) of your application and other users’ comments (3) on file page instantly:

5. share your software with boards, forums, blogs and other social media sites:

… and 4shared will bring you free visitors and downloads.

No need to waste your money and time on creating web-site, design, buying domain and hosting and other nasty things you haven’t even heard about to promote your application – you already have all that and even more on absolutely free! Concentrate on your favorite work and forget about everything else.

Register right now and get all the cool features of immediately!


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  • defencedog says:

    Hey there
    I am a very very old user of 4shared & I love it. Its streaming & swf file hosting is unbeatable. I was of the view may we can promote 4shared via a widget or something in our blog or website & get some 4shared good-will….similar scheme is started by opendrive…visit my blog
    Yours sincerely
    Chem EnGG
    Monday, March 28, 2011

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