Stop thinking, start syncing!

By Irin L
21 / 07 / 2011

Do you still think on which computer, flash-memory card, telephone or other device you uploaded file necessary at the moment?! Stop thinking, start syncing your files with 4shared Sync. But similar troubles happened to people thousands of years ago. They were thinking about the synchronization of the things which seem to us the most casual now. Here is the small history of synchronization. Now see how you evolved and how many things sync while you even don’t pay attention to that.

Food (8500 BCE)
Maybe the first big synchronization ever happened was the invention of food. Well, that sounds hilarious, but such an important constituency of our life was invented just 8500 years BC. Before that people were hunters whose breakfast could occur just from time to time. Since 8500 BC they started growing different plants which synchronized their eating habits.

Clock mechanism (1088 CE)
The most important synchronized mechanism in our modern life is a clock. Together with super accurate digital clocks people still use mechanical clocks and sometimes even don’t think how deftly synchronized mechanisms they have on their hands, walls, etc. If clock works accurately, it means that its gears have been super synchronized. First mechanical clock appeared in China in 1088.

Car (1672 CE)
Have you ever imagined how many devices should be synchronized, so that your car moved well and you feel how you turn the wheel and it goes where it should? The first steam-powered vehicle was invented in 1672 by F. Verbiest for Chinese Emperator. So, since 1672 human has forgotten thinking and started syncing constituencies of their vehicles more and more, so that they can move faster.

Orchestra (17th century)
One more outstanding synchronized body is an orchestra. We can look for its origin somewhere in Ancient Egypt, but those orchestras which we are used to seeing started in the 17th century. Although without musicians and instruments orchestra would be impossible, conductor plays here the leading role. He’s kind of 4shared Sync for musicians, however they can use 4shared Sync either to synchronize files on their computer.

4shared Sync (2011)
The history of syncing goes to the new stage in its evolution. Now you can synchronize files between different devices and stop thinking about their placements. You synchronize and ease your life, so you can leave time for other much more pleasant things and give your brain some time for rest.
Now let’s imagine that in a few years, you will not even think about syncing the files on your computer(s). 4shared Sync will do that for you. So, don’t hesitate! Download it now!


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  • Mamede Milanez says:

    it will be great if we have a linux version too.

  • allen says:

    I already tried this app but it has a problem. It deleted my files in the server! It synched some of the files but a lot of it was deleted. I was glad I had backups. I don’t know why the app did that. I already posted a question about that matter in your forum but no one answered.

    I stopped using this app altogether.

  • Alan says:

    @ allen
    I agree, I have 2 PC’s, one says its sync’d up, switch the other PC, it starts deleting files! Switch the other PC on, that starts uploading/downloading/deleting….basically its a mess. I don’t think the system knows what it is doing. I too have back-ups which is lucky. Thank God I don’t pay for this service!

  • Julian Radionov says:

    From the answers to those who have used this service, I knew that they were not satisfied and never seen how I would be. As for criticisms that ignore your messages, so I will answer, I am a free man and I have the right of choice and personal opinion and if you do not like it please my registration on your site to be closed. Sincerely / Julian Radionov /

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