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By Irin L
25 / 07 / 2011

4shared gives you plenty of creative opportunities to use your account. One of them is applying 4shared account for studying purposes. Here are some helpful ideas.

A lot of universities give opportunities to create professor’s accounts, but sometimes that’s not so convenient to share your educative files with students within that platform. This is especially difficult if you want to share with students some educative videos that need much place to be uploaded. 4shared account can combine all options necessary for your lessons.

What can you share?

You can upload almost any type of information to your 4shared account: videos, music, books (either in pdf or any other filetype), archive files, games (if they are necessary for your course), and photos.

What are the advantages for professors?

1. 4shared offers you 15 GB of the free space and you have an access to your files from all over the world (you just need a device with Internet access);
2. This is really convenient if you have courses in different universities – you don’t have to use any disks or flash memory storages and then think how to share your files with new students. Just give them link to your 4shared account;
3. Nothing will be lost if something happens to your computer or baggage with your lap top will come a few days later!

What are the advantages for students?

1. No fuss with USB-drivers, enough space (15 GB for free) for great amount of educational data;
2. Access from any computer (or even a phone) with Internet connection;
3. Less time for online searching of the necessary materials;
4. Easy platform to share your opinions about the materials;
5. Great tool for peer-reviewing (students can upload their works and share them, so that everybody they give an access could write his/her opinions).

How to ease the educational process?

1. Students can create their own 4shared accounts and then just add necessary files to their accounts.
2. And… If they install 4shared Sync they will have those files downloaded to their computers without even a move just waiting a few minutes so that download process ended!
3. Or… They can easily download everything they need to their computers right up from your account;
4. Or… They can stream video and audio files right from your account;
5. If you or you students install 4shared Mobile application, you can do almost all this features from your phone!

4shared is an attractive point to promote your courses!
If lecturer wants to promote his/her classes, he can just share the link of his/her 4shared account with any social media or create a customizable portfolio at 4shared. Any student who would like to know about his/her future course can explore everything he wants through professor’s account in a few clicks.
Educational 4shared account is a useful and helpful tool for students and lecturers! Try it and write us your experience!


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  • Gemmyl Ysatam says:

    Thanks for giving us this wonderful opportunity to have some alternatives in doing our responsibilities in school… God bless 4shared and we’ll continue supporting you!

  • Berbagai Macam Musik Terus Berkembang…

  • masud ur rahman says:

    Excellent opportunity

  • I thank to 4shared for your supports in my education, I now could share my educative material to may friends easily. I hope 4shared can promote to improve to be better even the best file hosting, thank you so much

  • vantom says:

    Thanks for giving us this wonderful opportunity to have some alternatives in doing our responsibilities in school… God bless 4shared and we’ll continue supporting you!

  • Darwin says:

    Estoy contento con 4SHARED ojala siga así para siempre, ya que en una herramienta muy útil para los estudiantes y otros usuarios. GRACIAS

  • اهلا وسهلا بك يا احلى صديقه

  • leo says:

    thanks for you new improvement but how can I use 4shared to learn a course?

  • GuLaM.41 says:

    4shared the Best where-ever ..,

  • raquel says:

    suena genial,definitivamente es una gran idea por parte de
    todos ustedes

  • jinacio says:

    i’m a teacher and linux user

    ubuntu 4shared-desktop work fine?

  • Kagaayi Anthony says:

    This is really good. Love it.

  • It’s great to see what 4Shared is doing. I’m a teacher in Brazil, and it’s fine to have a space like this.

    Thanks a lot.


  • Raaj says:

    Great Effort.

    How can we create Student A/c for this ?

  • benjamin says:

    really cool

  • kantalmu says:

    so goods

  • warda says:

    well done 4shared.I’m a teacher and i’m preraring my HD in journalism

  • Rizqi says:

    I liker 4shared … 😀 …
    now.. that have torrent… 😀 .. I like it … !
    to download torrent can use FDM ( Free Download Manager)

  • dele ojewoye says:


  • :-)Continuem assim!!! Faça preços p/ armazenarmento com + gb tipo 50gb é o q precisamos abraço…

  • thanks you 4shared..

  • Achyar says:

    gimana lw mau dapat duit dari 4shared

  • Nash from Buluan, Mag. says:


  • FRED says:


  • bion says:

    how to earn money through 4shared?!

  • betty says:

    4shared is easy to use and very useful. thankyou 4shared for the good initiative. God bless.

  • Marcos says:

    I love 4shared. Just this i have to say.

  • Samy Ibrahim says:

    What if you need more than 15 GB of space? (for example, My Album alone is 14.6 GB) and I would need to store more than that. I have also, data files and pictures.
    Thanks and regards
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  • samuel says:

    I love 4shared. Just this i have to say.

  • Amanda says:

    I have been using 4Shared for about a year now. I am a nursing student, and we use concept mapping software for clinical assignments. I also use it to make my own study guides, and I share them with my classmates via 4shared. I tried several other sharing programs, but this was by far the easiest for everyone to use.

  • Bima says:

    Thanks for 4Shared —— Terima Kasih untuk 4Shared

  • Bima says:

    Thanks for 4Shared —— Terima Kasih untuk 4Shared ——– جزا ك الله خيراء

  • Marconi says:


    Hay alguna manera de ver esta Página en idioma Español ?

    Gracias por el archivo descargado, me ha sido de mucha utilidad.


  • dlink says:


    How can i setup a study account ? is there any link ?

    thanks in advance.

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