We are speeding up!

By Irin L
04 / 11 / 2009

Hi everybody! So how are you doing today? Hope all is fine. We are again with good news! One more innovation – everything for your comfort and convenience! Our new feature is called Add to my account. You may say – “It’s not new! It is possible to add files to my account; I’ve seen Add to my account button on the download pages of the files. So what is new with it?” Well…From now you can add entire folder to your account with all subfolders and files. Adding a folder by only one click is now possible. What should be done for activating this feature? To activate it, the owner of the folder should simply click on the icon Settings in the top right corner of his account and tick “Allow others to add my files to their accounts”. This option will activate both adding separate files and entire folders. After these easy steps you will be able to add folders of other users to your own account simply clicking on the button Add to my account on the toolbar of any shared folder. So how do you feel about our innovation? Do you like it? You are always welcome to write us any suggestions and propositions on how to improve 4shared!


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