4shared celebrates downloads!

By Irin L
02 / 02 / 2011

Even when you’re away from your desktop, we want you to be able to share and have instant access to those files that matter to you. We had that goal in mind when we launched 4shared in 2005. Today, we reached a new milestone with more than 8 milliards downloads were made on 4shared just for the past three months.

As we celebrate, we want you to be able to use 4shared wherever you go. That’s why we are continuously make new partners with some of the biggest names on the Internet to make sure that 4shared services are available on the most popular web sites.

450 million people around the world are now actively using 4shared each month. When we first started 4shared six years ago, most of the people using it were residents of the United States. Today, people of all ages in more than 18 different languages and 168 countries and territories. The full potential of the web is to make the world more open, so everyone has a voice and can share what is important to them.

With 450.000.000 visitors who had generated almost pageviews just last month, we can’t wait for the rest of 2011, and we look forward to offering even more ways for you to share files with the people who matter most.

Here at 4shared we spend most of our time to build the best possible product that enables you to share files, so the fact that we’re growing so quickly all over the world is very rewarding. Thanks for all your support and be sure to find even more great stuff at 4shared.com in the future.


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  • Alexandre says:

    4shared is Fantastic… by Alex— Ciao

  • H-DES says:

    Forward .. Further progress
    Great site

  • othegui says:


  • dj black 300 says:

    que piola repiola !!

  • Ulisses says:

    The best!!!!!

  • CASILAMETO says:

    ¡¡¡Enhorabuena!!! y gracias a todo el personal de 4shared

  • samir says:

    you are the best!

  • GusTho says:

    lo mejor sin dudas la capacidad de poder buscar archivos en los servidores de esta pagina (cosa que ningun otro hosting online posee)

  • Afsoon says:

    Yessss the site is sooooooo great, that caught the attention of our dictatorship government and now your site can not be accessed by my people in Iran, unless they use some kind of an anti filter. It is a shame, since ur site was a great way for sharing all kind of files.
    All the best for the coming years………..

  • Obrigado 4shared por me projetar para o mundo!!!
    Fico feliz por atingir esse numero expresivo.

  • Thanks for letting me 4shared design for the world!
    Was happy to reach this significant number.

  • Obrigado 4shared por me projetar para o mundo!!!
    Ficou feliz por atingir esse numero expressivo.

  • dons says:

    The Best!!!!keep it up….

  • Grace says:

    El servicio que brindan es el mejor. Gracias por existir y ayudarnos a todos nosotros con su valiosisimo aporte.

    Lo mejor para ustedes en este 2011. Felicitaciones a todo el equipo 4Shared.

  • Kanisius says:

    You are the BEST !!

  • KamRan says:

    greeting from Iran,congratulation 4shared & Thanks!

  • mHeL says:

    yeah… this site is great and more people help saving time to download what they want. go go go 4shared..

  • day says:


  • boubom says:


  • Mugen_Boy says:

    That’s great, 4shared keep on improving 😀

  • Bolívar says:

    O Melhor site pra armazenar e baixar arquivos.
    Parabéns a toda a equipe ^^.

  • Guiga says:

    So much win!

  • DjDugem says:

    thanks 4shared keep going!!!!

  • reza says:

    Thanks So Much win

  • ivan says:


  • Yacoub says:

    Congrats, and go ahead.
    best wishes

  • scanvec says:

    4shared is the best site

  • jane says:

    Yesss I <3 4 shared! Is the B.E.S.T.

  • eduardo says:

    great! i hope 4shared doing development again and again!

  • alex says:

    I just have to thank; 6 more years.
    or better over 60 years thanks

  • José González (Pepito) says:

    Les felicito sinceramente. Les insto a seguir adelante, ya que vuestro sitio es de muchísima utilidad para mucho de nosotros alrededor del mundo.

  • geomily04 says:

    its a great sharing to everyone….keep up the good work…to all 4shared team

  • maxem says:

    4shared the top site

    keep the good work

  • rivaiiachmad says:

    congratulations for 4shared

  • MaTuTe_MaTaDoR says:

    el mejorrrr !!! bn ahi

  • tabuki says:

    Congrats, I hope the uploader have more benifits ;))

  • rose says:


  • Congratulations for this success 4sdared has achieved; I personally expect you’ll do more. I wish you more achivements and a lasting continuity – I’m proud of being a drop in the ocean of 4Shared.

  • plum says:

    Excellent site, congratulation and continue the good work.

  • Raji says:

    I’m 4sharedor member, and I’m proud to be in one of bigest sites.

  • Jon says:

    That’s so not a symphony, but it’s a great website for freestyle downloading!

  • Phillygoldone says:

    Congrats! 4shared ! I Must Say I Been A Member Since 2007 & Your Site Gets A Huge Thumbs Up!! Not Only Have I Shared 100’s Of Great Rare Stereo Originals But Found Many Of Lost Ones Here..Thnx Guys! Keep Up The Great Files..Jon (AKA Phillygold)

  • Hamadah says:

    What can I say … but Congrats & more power to 4shared … (^_^)

  • Vipi says:

    thank you so much and congratulations one again! wish 4shared team and members a happy valentine’s day!

  • minangkabau says:

    tarimo kasih 4shared…berkat jasamu…kini kami orang minang nan ado dibelah dunia manapun..bisa sharing kaya sastra minang…..baik lagu, atau carito…thank”s


    Thanks for all team 4shred.

  • downloads says:

    Thanks 4shared……

  • Carina says:

    Gracias a ustedes por el servicio.
    Felicitaciones al equipo de 4shared.

  • Carina says:

    Gracias a todos.
    Sin duda el mejor lugar donde guardar y bajar archivos.
    Saludos al equipo 4shared.

  • odai says:

    I give you 1000,000 roses.,
    It’s from my pleasure,

    Thanx 4shared

  • geomily04 says:

    yes….its more benefits…thanks….to the teams…

  • xuchunhe says:

    世界 最好的

  • casa860 says:

    I <3 4shared!!!

  • LUCIA ADORNO says:

    obrigado por vcs existirem … muito bom vcs terem me presenteado. abraços.

  • Michael_vx says:

    yes that`s so cool i like this 4shared all in 4shared
    sorry that`s all what i can say
    i do`t know what is the best Response i ca`n post for the almost best site thanks for help users to share files with the easy way to the top 4shared.com

  • palash.telecom says:

    thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssss .4shared.com

  • palash.telecom says:

    && I LOVE 4shared.com

  • Khiro says:

    u ara great! 4shared, i hope u live a long long time, i love u…..

  • HAB says:

    I think It’s one of The Best Site To Upload And Share Your Files With Your Friends Or Any One Who Knocked 4 Shared Door TO Looking For What He Looking For .

  • Very very cooll.. thank you 4shared.com!!

  • mizi says:

    sent to software xxx

  • Janab says:

    Congrates with deep of heart.

    4shared is one of my favourite files sharing website.

    I share my all stuff here, as it is my first preference.

  • shery says:

    4shared.com one of The Best Site To Upload And Share Your Files With Your Friends

    thank you very muth 4shared.com

  • Zharlie says:

    Wow! Thanks 4shared…. you’re really the best file sharing on the planet… it’s user friendly and the interface is so cool… thank you and do continue the best job… take care and god bless

  • GeneVar says:

    thanks alot 4shared,u re amazing,
    realy u re ……

  • ayfata says:

    veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy goooooooooooooooooooooooood

  • Dharks says:

    always keep up….

  • Anush says:

    Shared is a shearing world

  • Kukubau says:

    EXCELLENT !…. I really LOVE 4SHARED.com !

  • aditya says:

    finally gr8

  • Is Fantastic!

  • fitness says:

    4shared is d’best database for download so far! keep up d’good job 😉

  • leona says:


  • chevi says:

    Wow! Thanks 4shared…. you’re really the best file sharing on the planet… it’s user friendly and the interface is so cool… thank you and do continue the best job… take care and god bless

  • itachi says:

    i use 4shared.com for my files. thanks

  • Karl says:

    I am a verified 4shared.com user.

    4shared.com is simply the best online file storage site in all history. I use it for all of the sensitive files that I can’t fit into my PC. No security issues whatsoever so far. Whenever someone asks me for a copy of a file, I actually send them a link to my 4shared account.

    I’m thinking of upgrading to Premium this year.

    Mabuhay 4shared! Keep the world a free place to share!

  • abidrahman says:

    Great Transaction

  • mahdi says:


  • mahdi says:

    Congrates with deep of heart.

    4shared is one of my favourite files sharing website.

    I share my all stuff here, as it is my first preference.

  • hands says:

    thank’s 4shared, and congrates

  • DJDiablo says:

    Thanks 4shared♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • deutschlanderr says:

    you guys are the best im very proud that you guys are from ukraine i love your country

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