‘Add to my account’ option has been modified!

By Irin L
24 / 02 / 2009

We have introduced an ‘Add to my account’ option on file download pages recently. This feature lets you add a file to your virtual drive in no time. That is, in case a user would like to download a file and then upload it to his/her virtual drive, now he/she can do that without downloading file to his/her computer. However, this action can be accomplished only for the files which are allowed to be downloaded by their publisher.

Some users of our service requested improvement for the feature and we did take this into account. So, the option has been modified a bit. File publishers now can decide whether they want this feature to be available on file download pages. In other words, you can adjust settings for your account in a way that will disable the ‘Add to my account’ on your files’ option download pages.

In case you would like to disable the option, please
1. log into your account;
2. click on the ‘My account’ icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen;
3. get to the ‘Settings’ tab;
4. clear the ‘Allow others to add my files to their accounts’ checkbox
5. click on the ‘Save changes’ button on the bottom.

We would like to say ‘Thanks a bunch’ to all our users who gave us their feedback concerning the new feature. We really appreciate your desire to make our service better!


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