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By Irin L
04 / 02 / 2013

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We at 4shared have great news for our users! From now on you’re able to use a new “sharing request” feature. It’ll help you to share your files safely with your friends. And if you want somebody to share their files with you – just send a request to them.

There’s always some stuff you want to share with your friends. But when you’re sharing your family photos, home videos or documents with your friends, you don’t want to share them with the whole world, isn’t it? Now you don’t have to worry about the privacy when you send files to your Facebook friends with a great “sharing request” feature that has been created by 4shared team specifically for you. Let’s have a look at how it works.

First of all, when you send a file to your friends, choose them from the list of your Facebook friends in your 4shared account.

Send files and they’ll be notified on their Facebook pages immediately. By clicking on 4shared notification on their FB pages, they’ll be automatically redirected to their 4shared accounts to see the file you have shared with them.


Users, who aren’t in the list of people you shared a file with, won’t be able to get this file and will meet a notification. If they want to get this file, they click “request access” and you’ll be notified in your account about their request. If you agree to share your file with a person, who has sent “request access” to you, just click ‘send’ and make this person happy.


Benefits you get with a new 4shared feature:

– Fast sharing with your FB friends
– High privacy
– Request access to files you need
– Safe time

Isn’t it awesome?! Use our new feature and share with your friends!


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  • RAY says:

    SHARING REQUEST!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sally says:

    I seldom leave comments, but I read a few of the remarks on Check out a new

  • Raúl says:

    Estoy muy feliz de tener cuentas en 4Shared, ya que siempre me están sorprendiendo con novedades. Esta nueva idea me parece fantástica.

  • George Gonzalez says:

    is good …

  • Jaime says:

    De acuerdo con RAY. Para mi seguramente se acabó 4Shared, no utilizo Facebook. Ah trabajo que me costó eliminar la cuenta.

  • محمد says:


  • medo14403 says:

    Very good .. Permanent success

  • Mohamed Kheir says:

    Good feature developed by 4shared team. Thanks a lot to 4shared for their continuous goodwill and innovative solutions.

    • Thank you dear Mohamed Kheir! Such words inspire us to create more and more for your convenience.

  • medo14403 says:

    Please, I want to code in order to put it in my website .. As a download to my Page you have .. To the public .. For images and files, movies .. I hope to benefit

    • Dear medo14403, can you please detail your question?

  • steph wanamaker says:

    terrible company 1 out of 5 i have uninstalled it from my system so stop sending me spam i paid premium but crashed on my mobile all time rejected 80 of files to upload on desktop after using for 2 days only requested a refund but was turned down

  • Bik Nonong says:

    I enjoyed with 4 shared

  • Barbara says:

    That’s not for me or my friends, because we all hate Facebook and don’t use it. Facebook isn’t safe, and our files won’t be secure if FB is involved in ay way.

    • Dear Barbara, it’s not a necessity to use Facebook with your friends, if you don’t like it. Just share files within your 4shared accounts and send messages to each other. It’s useful and save!

  • ung says:

    Okey.. regards,

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  • ST says:

    nice, keep moving forward. Stay secure and our files private.

  • Alicia says:

    Soy un cliente de habla hispana, así que agradecería por respeto que me enviaran las novedades en mi idioma

  • Zuhaib Ali Shah says:

    Very nice working

  • andriad069 says:

    I very much prefered the old 4share.
    I found it easier to use and so did most of my viewers.

  • abu ali alkurdy says:

    مرحبا بكم , انا راضي وسعيد بخدمات ( فور شيرد وأتمنى لكم النجاح والتقدم والتطور لمواكبة التطورات في مجالات الحياة التكنولوجية والعلمية وشكرالكم….

  • Gualter says:

    Não entendi nada! 8>o

  • Dr.Fayez Yassin says:

    Dear 4Share Group
    your contribution with free downloading civil engineering books is highly appreciated,it gave me a window to update my knowledge and i share my students all useful knowledge.very thankfull to you all.

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    Adios para siempre 4 shared, asi no vale la pena seguir usando su servicio.

  • Edson says:

    Muito bom, assim poderei compartilhar diretamente com os meu amigos do FB entre outros!

    Valeu 4shared .

    • Enjoy this great feature with your friends dear Edson. And thank you for good words.

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    SPANISH PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

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    oooh does it mean we have to wait until the owner access the request?????? oooooh myy gooood. WASTE OF TIME… I think so

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  • Khatnaa MGL says:

    But until now I THANK YOU I WILL ALWAYS MISS YOU !!!!!

  • Khatnaa MGL says:

    But until now I THANK YOU I WILL ALWAYS MISS YOU !!!!!

  • soni says:

    Thank you 4shared 🙂

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    No alcanzo a comprender dado que no hablo ingles. Por lo poco que entendí traduciendo con google parece muy buena idea pero yo sugiero que agreguen la opción de idiomas al Blog y también las notificaciones a mi correo en español por favor.

  • José Raimundo says:

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  • Maxwell says:

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    Gracias adios

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    usa el navegador google chrome, este te traduce las paginas del ingles o cualquier otro idioma al español.

  • german alejandro says:

    esto es para los que quieren saberlo en español: Nosotros en 4shared una gran noticia para nuestros usuarios! A partir de ahora usted es capaz de utilizar una nueva “solicitud de participación” característica. Esto te ayudará a compartir tus archivos de forma segura con sus amigos. Y si quieres a alguien para compartir sus archivos con usted – sólo enviar una solicitud a los mismos.

    Siempre hay cosas que quieres compartir con tus amigos. Pero cuando estás compartiendo sus fotos familiares, videos caseros o documentos con tus amigos, no quiero compartirlas con todo el mundo, ¿no? Ahora usted no tiene que preocuparse por la privacidad al enviar archivos a tus amigos de Facebook con un gran “solicitud para compartir”, característica que ha sido creado por 4shared equipo específicamente para usted. Vamos a echar un vistazo a cómo funciona.

    En primer lugar, al enviar un archivo a sus amigos, a elegir de la lista de tus amigos de Facebook en tu 4shared cuenta.

    Enviar archivos y van a ser notificados en sus páginas de Facebook inmediatamente. Al hacer clic en 4shared notificación en sus páginas FB, serán automáticamente redirigidos a sus 4shared cuentas para ver el archivo que ha compartido con ellos.

    Los usuarios, que no están en la lista de personas que comparten un archivo con, no será capaz de obtener este archivo y se encontrará con una notificación. Si desea obtener este archivo, haga clic en “solicitud de acceso” y te ser notificado por su cuenta acerca de su solicitud. Si está de acuerdo para compartir el archivo con una persona que ha enviado “solicitud de acceso” a usted, simplemente haga clic en “enviar” y que esta persona sea feliz.

    Los beneficios que se obtiene con una nueva 4shared programas:

    – Intercambio rápido con tus amigos de FB
    – Alto Privacidad
    – Solicitar acceso a los archivos que necesita
    – Tiempo de seguro

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    • Dear kurosawa, it’s not necessary to use Facebook. This feature is created for those, who likes using Facebook and want to share some stuff with their friends via Facebook. If you don’t use Facebook, you can share files and send messages to your friends within 4shared account.

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    Saludos desde la ciudad de Mexico

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    • Dear dim, if I understand correctly your question, yes. You have to turn on your computer to use 4shared service and have the possibility to share files with your friends via your FB account.

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