Download New 4shared Mobile for Symbian v.S05!

By Irin L
11 / 08 / 2011

Hooray! The long-expected 4shared Mobile for Symbian v.S05 has been released and is now available for download for all fans of 4shared, who have got Symbian smartphones.

Read more for details.

Likewise as with the newest versions of the featured 4shared applications for smartphones, the brand-new 4shared Mobile for Symbian v.S05 is impressive in its convenience and simplicity in usage. Moreover, if compared to the previous versions, the app is working much faster, much due to the upgraded technologies.

For what is worth, new 4shared Mobile for Symbian v.S05 seems even much better, taking into consideration, that all the beneficial features, which have been introduced in the past releases of the application, are included in this brand-new version.

These, in particular, comprise the following:

1. Instant access to users’ 4shared accounts from the Symbian smartphones.
2. An ability to use 4shared search options.
3. A possibility to upload the files and folders to users’ 4shared accounts right from their Symbian smartphones.
4. Convenient file and folder management: an ability to create, rename and delete files and folders at users’ 4shared accounts from Symbian phones.
5. Users ability to access to last session history: any files or folders, which have been uploaded, downloaded and browsed with 4shared Mobile Symbian v.S05 during the last session, are stored in cash and available for storage at 4shared.
6. A possibility to share links to different files from the user’s 4shared account via e-mail.
7. 4shared Mobile for Symbian v.S05 is FREE.

Haven’t you checked the new 4shared Mobile for Symbian v.S05 yet? Download the modified application now and tell us, what your impressions are.

Life gets Brighter with 4shared!

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