Download New Versions of 4shared Apps for iPhone & iPad!

By Irin L
05 / 08 / 2011

Exciting news for 4shared fans! The newest versions of 4shared Sync for iPhone/iPad v.1.1.0 and 4shared Photo for iPhone/iPad v.1.1.0 have been already released and are available for download at iTunes for all users.

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Shortly after the introduction of the very first release of 4shared featured applications for iPhone/iPad, namely 4shared Sync and 4shared Photo, the brand-new versions of the apps have been already presented publicly to all users.

The new applications, these are, 4shared Sync for iPhone/iPad v. 1.1.0 and 4shared Photo for iPhone/iPad v.1.1.0, comprise a number of advantages added, including 15 new languages of the interface and, of course, all possible bugs having been fixed.

Moreover, all users of 4shared Sync for iPhone/iPad v. 1.1.0, for instance, can still enjoy the, so to say, classic app features, including the following:

1. Instant access to your 4shared account whenever, you wish to.

2. An ability to take photos and capture videos and upload them to your 4shared account in a few clicks.

3. A possibility to browse all your files, stored at 4shared, directly on your iPhone, iPad.

4. Convenient file & folder management: you can easily create new folders, rename, sort and delete any files and folders.

5. An ability to download files on your iPhone/iPad for offline viewing.

6. Easy sharing of links to files with your colleagues, friends and family via e-mail, right from your iPhone and iPad.

7. 4shared Sync for iPhone/iPad is a FREE app, so you can spare your money for other things, needed.

As for the new 4shared Photo for iPhone/iPad v.1.1.0, its features also presuppose the following:

1. Users’ ability to take quick photos on their iPhone/iPad with the auto/manual photo-quality.

2. Quick sharing of your photos, with anyone, you wish, in Twitter and Facebook, via e-mail, etc.

3. A possibility to save all taken photos in high resolution without damaging their quality.

4. User-friendly management of your photos & photo-albums: you can browse all photos, create new albums, rename, sort and delete any separate photos or photo-albums, if you don’t need them anymore.

5. An ability to have the back-up of 999999 photos at the secure account at 4shared with 15 GB free storage space.

6. 4shared Photo for iPhone/iPad is also a FREE application.

Both 4shared Sync for iPhone/iPad v.1.1.0 and 4shared Photo for iPhone/iPad v.1.1.0 are available for users at iTunes.

Haven’t you checked them yet? Download the brand-new 4shared Sync for iPhone/iPad v.1.1.0 and 4shared Photo for iPhone/iPad v.1.1.0 now and share your impressions with us!

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