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By Irin L
12 / 04 / 2011

We have started several 4shared related accounts on Facebook recently including 4shared Official page, 4shared Desktop and 4shared API. Each one of them will provide you with the latest 4shared news, projects, awards, contests, giveaways etc. Read more for details.

4shared Official

This is main 4shared account on Facebook. As you might know, 4shared has a good number of different applications for mobile phones (Symbian OS, BlackBerry, Android), computers and browsers, including 4shared Mobile, 4shared Desktop and 4shared Toolbar. On the official 4shared page at Facebook you’ll be able to download the latest version of 4shared apps, follow the latest news etc.

4shared Desktop

This page is dedicated to one of the most popular 4shared applications for Windows, Mac and Linux. Top 5 4shared Desktop features include:

1. convenient multiupload and download;
2. quick links to your files to share your data with your friends via e-mail, blogs and forums;
3. copy, paste, delete and cut multiple files within your 4shared account;
4. integrated music player and image previewer;
5. 18 languages support.

4shared API

4shared API (Application Programming Interface) offers a simple set of tools that developers around the world can use to personalize experiences and build out the brand new applications. There are more than 100 elements that can be used for developing of your own apps for Mobile Phones (iPhone, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows mobile), Windows, Mac, iPad, and Linux. The most popular ones include:

1. access web account
2. upload/download files
3. search files
4. create and delete folders
5. synchronize files and folders


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  • mik surrosa says:

    sorry, I have a question, upload a file but I can not embed on my page, I said that the video is not available, I would like to know why this is.


  • KamRan says:

    Hello 4shared,congratulations,facebook pages is necessary,thanks & good luck!

  • ^kaveh^ says:

    is colll.
    is goed thing.
    tank you 4share admins.

  • Sarmed says:

    Congratulations,4shared team & good luck!

  • علي says:

    السلام عليكم مرحبه

  • shidowan says:

    I quote kaveh

    is colll.
    is goed thing.
    tank you 4share admins.

  • 25 sale
    shahrak golestan
    lisanse memari
    185 ghad
    72 vazn

  • Elisaba str says:

    good job!

  • Untuk urusan download dan upload saya saya gunakan 4Shared. Alhamdulillah gak pernah ada kendala

  • polem-king says:

    Kawan2,,,,gmn cara mendunlod di 4shared ya,,,?????? Mohon bimbingan.thanks all

  • xhesi lidi says:

    cips 10000000m

  • xhesi lidi says:


  • xhesi lidi says:

    help me 1000000m

  • xhesi lidi says:


  • xhesi lidi says:


  • الورد says:


  • الورد says:

    الادب ثم الادب

  • vergne says:

    impossible je lire les méssages , je lie que le français domage que ce soit pas en français impossible de lire les écrie ,désolé

  • Zeroo says:

    how come I can’t post links of the files I uploaded in my 4shared account in facebook? :s

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