Get ready for a new “sharing request” feature!

By Irin L
30 / 01 / 2013

sharing request_02-3

We at 4shared have great news for our users! In a short time you’ll be able to use a new “sharing request” feature. It’ll help you to share your files safely with your friends. And if you want somebody to share their files with you – just send a request to them.

There’s always some stuff you want to share with your friends. But when you’re sharing your family photos, home videos or documents with your friends, you don’t want to share them with the whole world, isn’t it? Now you don’t have to worry about the privacy when you send files to your Facebook friends with a great “sharing request” feature that was created by 4shared team specifically for you.

Benefits you’ll get with a new 4shared feature:

– Fast sharing with your FB friends
– High privacy
– Request access to files you need
– Safe time

Isn’t it awesome?! Share your thoughts on this feature in the comments.


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  • komandokurustukangtidur says:

    i like…

  • jagan says:

    this 4shared is very useful for sharing large files like as upto 15gb files we can easily share

  • Flavia says:

    I hate this new feature. Now how do I share my course texts with my 50 studentes??? Do I have to send EVERYONE OF THEM a share request? That´s crazy. Where are the excellent configuration features that disappeared????

    • Dear Flavia, please be attentive. You can share your course texts with your students easily as it was before. No changes with ‘sharing’ feature. Choose a file you want to share with your students, click “share” and choose as many students as you need. When you did so, just click “send” and that’s it. They’ll be notified about your file. If there’re students, who are not in your list of friends and don’t have access to your files, they can send you “sharing request”. It means, that they are able to ask you to share your file with them too. If you agree, you share this file with them too. If not, just deny the request.

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