Meet new DJs at 4shared!

By Irin L
02 / 06 / 2011

4shared continues its promotion campaign for talented musicians all over the world. Today we’re introducing you to new DJs who are willing to share their creative works with millions of 4shared users. So, without further adieu, meet DJ Bakhtevash (Iran) and DJ Sud (India). Read more for details and find out how to promote your own music with 4shared!

DJ Bakhtevash

DJ Bakhtevash (Ali Bakhtevash), also known as DJ Radioactive, is from Iran, Tehran. He started to make music for a first time in 2006, when he got his first computer. Since than he never stopped. Check out his Trance/Techno/Rock/Hip Hop/Electronica/Dance mixes on his official page at 4shared.

DJ Bakhtevashs’ contacts: 4shared | Website | Facebook | E-mail

DJ Sud

DJ Sud is from India, Kolkata (West Bengal). Check out his mixes and you’ll certainly find something cool!

DJ Suds’ contacts: 4shared | MySpace | Twitter | Facebook | E-mail

How to promote your music with 4shared?

4shared is a perfect platform that will provide you with all necessary tools to promote your music:

1. free space to store your music (up to 15 GBs!);
2. your personal page with all your files info, customizable background and avatar;
3. free listeners and downloads;
4. rating, user comments and statistics of your music;
5. further sharing via social media sites, blogs and forums without any additional trouble.

If you want 4shared to become your official digital distributor – contact us at and you have a good chance to get additional promotion on our blog!

PS. if you want to customize your own public page, you can find all the details here.


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  • nitin yadav says:

    djnitin kasmpur garhi

  • Great Partners congratulations… Im new too in 4shared, you can check out my page [] and listen some mixes that i made… i hope you like it.

  • DOLLARSBOY says:


  • don starry says:

    i want to met wit dfred kind of dj datcan help my carrear

  • khid ellah says:

    am new on here and am lookin for a dj or a promoter that can help me out in ma carrer

  • Bboiz says:

    Dj Sud hi this is da Bboiz from Nigeria we just need a promotion on our albums which is making wave already right here in Benin City Nigeria we want you to help us publish it accross the world and also in your region thanks regard’s
    from Bboiz….

  • jack says:

    hey my friend i wanna know more about this dj extra free promotion space this my private email so let’s rock

  • DJ Bakhtavesh was great, is great, will remain great!
    Iran for always!

  • Superoxide says:

    Hi i am DJ from Serbia. I produce techno, psychedelic trance and goa trance. But i am not popular in my country. I want to share some experience with other DJs.

  • hasan says:

    i cont open this side
    plz tell me
    how i can open in i phon

  • soy dj de venezuela aqui les dejo mi pagina con varias sessiones mezcladas…espero les guste

  • saludos espero sus comentarios

  • eternity says:

    hi.i produce hip hop and party tracks in Nigeria but am not blown yet.i would like to trade ideas and suggestions.thanks

  • eternity says:

    download XZO to get a feel of what i do

  • noel essa says:

    I want to refer to Kurdish music. Why is missing here, Arab as well

  • cee fly says:

    am an artist,n i do flip kind of music.need a record deal badly

  • TRIPPLLE M says:

    i want u to help me promt my song to any leavle u tille na money e go chop by TRIPPLE M pls i bege u thanks

  • Deejay sky says:

    I love your style 4sared and i also need that great chance..of being promoted on this site.

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