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By Irin L
19 / 05 / 2011

Our previous post considering promoting music via 4shared has become real popular among our users. Each day we are receiving more and more letters from a creative people all around the world. As for now I’m going to introduce two more artists – DJ Lady Spindrift (USA) and Beto Guerra, a singer and composer from Brazil. Read more for details and find out how to promote your own music with 4shared!

DJ Lady Spindrift

DJ Lady Spindrift is an upcoming artist from Boston who specializes in almost every major genre out there: Hip Hop, RnB, Rock, House, Top 40, remixes and mashups.

The first mix I’ve recently recorded for the month of May is a mixed bag of hip hop and house music. This mix demonstrates many of my abilities to combine both genres together with a touch of turntablist tricks: scratching, beat juggling/trickmixing etc.

DJs’ Lady Spindrift contacts: 4shared | Blogspot | Soundcloud | E-mail

Beto Guerra

Beto Guerra is an extraordinary musician from Brazil who thinks that each person has a creative talent in some area. One of the Betos’ goals is to learn with music and allow himself to make sound experiences pleasurable.

Betos’ Guerra contacts: 4shared | Website | E-mail

How to promote your music with 4shared?

4shared is a perfect platform that will provide you with all necessary tools to promote your music:

1. free space to store your music (up to 15 GBs!);
2. your personal page with all your music info, customizable background and avatar;
3. free listeners and downloads;
4. rating, user comments and statistics of your music;
5. further sharing via social media sites, blogs and forums without any additional trouble.

If you want 4shared to become your official digital distributor – contact us and you have a good chance to get additional promotion on our blog!

PS. if you want to customize your own public page, you can find all the details here.


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