Get Numerous Benefits from 4shared Apps for Android OS

By Irin L
17 / 07 / 2012

Impressive updates at 4shared! Now our Android users can enjoy twice as many advantages and features with 2 separate apps:4shared and 4Sync for Android.

Read on for more details.

At 4shared we always have an innovative approach and strive to make our products easy and fun to use. So we decided to go in 2 different directions in developing featured mobile applications for Android OS.

We now have 2 updated applications for Android: 4shared and 4Sync.
We apologize for any confusion this may have caused to our users.

Going forward, those of you who love your Android smartphones and tablets can enjoy using not only the convenient and stylish 4shared for Android app, which now has new design, but the incredible 4Sync for Android app too.

For your convenience, we made 4Sync for Android a separate application; it enables you to synchronize your files and stores them at a secure place for your further access and management. The only thing you need to do to start using 4Sync for Android is to install the app on your Android device and sign up for a 4Sync account.

If you are already using 4Sync, all you have to do is sign in with your account using your login/password credentials and enjoy 4Sync’s wide range of the app features.

At the same time, 4shared for Android app is also an essential tool to have on your mobile device. 4shared for Android gives you access to a massive 4shared file database via an easy-to-use search function, you can also store and share any of your files with colleagues, friends and family. If you have a 4shared account, all you need to do is login. If not, the sign-up process will only take a couple simple steps and takes only a few minutes of your time.

Both 4shared and 4Sync for Android are 100% FREE – so go on and take advantage of both products!

Are you excited about the news? Download 4shared and 4Sync for Android right now and tell us what you think.


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  • henreeG says:

    So 4Sync is to sync your files locally and remotely… and 4shared is just to search?

  • ccv_dumps says:

    I don’t understand what to do

  • johnny says:


  • Hernan James Ortiz says:

    Ya no puedo bajar musica no se porque. Podrian ayudarme??

  • sulfikar says:

    thanks you very much 🙂

  • migdhaadh says:

    the 4shared heip me in many ways

  • Naglaa says:

    its a good application i wish to get one

  • suezns says:


  • s_hany63 says:


  • carzagan(atm) says:

    Thank you 4shared, i love your applications!!!

  • saints says:


  • lcasey927 says:

    Will there be an app available for kindle fire too? I miss 4sync when I am using the kindle instead of my iPad for the day.

  • bukola says:

    thanks so mush

  • bukola says:

    thanks so much

  • dyan says:


  • thanks so mush

  • givenphy says:

    Thankyou, there! 🙂

  • salasmarco05 says:


  • mehdi karimnejad says:

    thanks so much

  • Ash says:

    hi friends, just want to know best utility paid android apks for samsung gs3. no games just apks. some really stunning,

  • minmonta says:

    ok thanks for answer the question

  • ebuddy says:

    thank you

  • semi says:


  • Jaka says:

    I have a problem. Lately, when trying to download apps i get stuck with a screen “CRACK” telling me to “wait 180 second or click advetisement to download the full version”? If i wait, it takes me to google play store where i get ridicilous apps that have nothing to do with what ioriginally wanted to download. My device is SGS GTI9000 running C-ROM Jelly Bean
    Please, tell me what to do. Before, i was very satisfied with your work. Sencirely, J

  • Anthony JAa says:


    “I have a problem. Lately, when trying to install apps i get stuck with a screen “CRACK” telling me to “wait 180 second or click advetisement to download the full version”? If i wait, it takes me to google play store where i get ridicilous apps that have nothing to do with what i originally wanted.”

  • John Paul says:

    I want to b with u all.

  • Thanks for the nice discussion about the 4shared application of Android OS. I Use this Application and i like very much this application. It help me a lot. Thanks again for the nice posting.

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