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By Irin L
22 / 07 / 2011

If you are just a beginner and want to develop yourself and promote your doings, 4shared is the right place for that. It’s so easy to share your photos, music, paintings and other stuff with 4shared. We have already written about artists, musicians and programmers and now we are happy to introduce a photographer who is ready to share her work with other 4shared users.

Olya Makar

Olya is a traveller and photographer. She was born in Ukraine and lives there, but says that she’s a citizen of the world. Photography is one of her hobbies, so from every trip she brings a pile of photos. She adores taking photos of her friends and simply people she meets somewhere, but her real passion is nature and landscapes.

Olya’s Makar contacts: 4shared | Facebook | E-mail

How to promote your photography with 4shared?

Having a creative genius is amazing, but even the highest-paid contemporary artist Damien Hirst would not earn so much without good promotion. 4shared is an exact and FREE place to promote yourself if you are either a beginner or even recognized master. With 15 million daily visits you can share you novelties with your old fans and attract new ones.

Just look at these amazing advantages which are afforded to you by 4shared!

1. 15 GB of FREE space which can become hall of fame to your photos;
2. an opportunity to create your own customizable portfolio with the help of your account;
3. free viewers;
4. rating, user comments and statistics of the views;
5. further sharing via social media sites, blogs and forums without any additional trouble.
6. new friends and fans;
7. possible companions and partners!

Contact us and maybe our next post at the blog will be about you!

P.S. Details about the customization of your page could be found here.


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  • tharanga says:

    nice…I like to add my pics….

  • dzeko says:

    hy friends how can I enter photos ….,

  • HIB

  • nwankwo charles says:

    i am a male model and will u guys at 4shared to in promoting my image.tnanks

  • Kelvin nixon says:

    Am a musician and will like my promo picture to be promoted by you

  • triz says:

    i like this pic

  • I am a pilot and would like to promote my pics here <by you guys.

  • Prince Medo says:

    Awesome Idea
    I’ll try it .
    I like photography so much

  • ipul says:

    yeah,,, thats cool.. ^_^

  • kyle says:

    wow!that could be great.I’ll try this too…

  • Michael_vx says:

    cool one i like to do it but i have no idea where to get cool photo for the best site i have ever seen 4shared

  • lee says:

    bought new hp g56 laptop cant work out how to use the webcam is there anybody that could help me please

  • Behnam says:

    Hi,Very good.
    Thank you.

  • pawan chopra says:

    any one help me in commodities business.

  • I am an amateur free-lance photgrapher with experience mostly in artistic portraits and travel photography. I just moved to Washington D.C. / Northern Virginia area after spending a year in Guatemala and I’ve decided to reactive my website, upload 2 years worth of material, added a blog and more. Please take a look at my work and I would really appreciate any guidance with promoting it!




  • Askan.kalbar says:

    i like is the bast

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