Three Steps to Greater 4shared Experience

By Irin L
09 / 10 / 2017

Read through our short guide to improve your 4shared experience today!

Step 1. Get the Most of Website Features

  • Search

The enhanced search features at 4shared enable filtering and sorting the list of results precisely, according to your preferences.

To specify your search query, select a category, define file size / type and apply extra filters, if necessary, e.g. select genre, decade and/or bitrate (for music files).

Tip! If you haven’t applied any sorting options, or selected the “Default” one, the results will be grouped, based on the all-time file downloads (i.e. most downloaded files shown first).

  • Stream & Watch

In addition, 4shared enables you to stream music and watch videos without downloading the files or adding them to your account – directly on our website.

Use the “PlayNext” button on a audio track page to switch to the next, similar one.

Step 2. Take advantage of cross-platform features

4shared offers a wide selection of mobile apps, so that you can access, browse, manage and share files and folders from your account right on your Android, iPhone/iPad or Windows Phone.

Tip! Share files/folders from your 4shared cloud directly to another Android device via 4shared for Android in seconds using the special “Share to device” feature.

Step 3. Apply embed widgets for music/video

Enable direct streaming of audio and video files on other websites (e.g. your personal page or blog) using the exclusive embed widgets.

Tip! Customize music widget size and design just in a few clicks – directly in the sharing popup window.

Explore Innovation with 4shared!

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  • decio says:

    I went there to try and as before it gets the same horrible site i ever seen, 4shared was a great site, now is poured of ads. You try a music and comes everything except waht you requested. So you had the opportunity to turn something good in something at least will not see me anymore.

    • Goiany says:

      Comentário nota 💯.

  • Agus permana says:

    Lagunya kurang lengkap dalam pencarian,,,

    • fidell says:

      Betull .. bukann original jg banyaknya

  • isael says:

    eu uso o 4shared e não abro mão é o melhor 👏👏👏

  • amado says:

    very interesting

  • lenin vasquez says:


    • Rene says:

      Qué bueno saber que hay personas como tú

  • lenin vasquez says:

    envenme mis datos de ingreso a 4shared

  • Alma Gloria says:

    Interesante y útil. Gracias

  • Gesomar Pereira Soares says:

    Não tem outro , este é o melhor.

  • Mostafa says:

    In search of 4shared , why you don’t make the search files by country or region in search sort and filter, for example I want to search audio file from users who uploaded from USA or USA users.

  • Murilo Reis says:

    Eu gosto muito do 4 shared só estou achando mais dificil agora encontrar o que procuro,mas mesmo assim ainda é o melhor porque vocês disponibilizam contas gratis para a gente…

  • Eu estou muito feliz com este conteúdo é simplesmente excelente

  • Mauro says:

    Excelente. O melhor em funcionalidades.

  • Ramiro Contreras Galvan says:

    Excellent with these new functions this page is formidable I will take advantage of all its advantages

  • Aman trekker says:

    good experience oN it

  • yasa says:

    the song is not completed..

  • yasa says:

    the song is not completed

  • Emmanuel says:

    Must be a good then, though I have not tried the site for some time now.

  • chaeron says:

    Berharap kedepannya lebih baik lagi

  • Sultanu says:

    Thanks.I love!!!

  • Pepe Grillo says:

    i love it, thanks for what you’re doing for the users

  • emann says:

    Its good but some of my favorite cant find and some title is different also others not original sounds

  • Aminah says:

    I loved . Thank you

  • Narisa Arbubaka says:

    Very useful. Thank you for the good adcice from👍

  • Very useful. Thank you the good advice from the

  • Edmilson says:

    Muito bom

  • Abel says:

    Lagu x lengkap bila disearch x jumpa

  • chettouh bachir says:

    merci de m’avoir informé .

  • Yishbaq says:

    My being satisfied is a “wonderful-plus”…you are doing fine…thanks.

  • Emanoel furtado says:

    um dos melhores apps que eu ja vi

  • متوكل says:

    Thanks my dear

  • Eduardo says:

    Parabéns é o melhor que achei até agora.

  • Thembinkosi says:

    Will try it.

  • Morena says:

    Eu gosto de baixar desenho pra minha filha de três anos mas tá um perigo ela fica vendo no 4shared porqe na lista do desenho tem vídeo pornô de homem com homem é outros ..,.tem que bloqueia isto 😡😠

  • Muhammad says:

    Te senga ye

  • Muhammad says:

    How to do it

  • Ok

  • Arizam says:


    Muito bomm e não troco por nenhum outro. Estou muito satisfeito.

  • Sanyal basudev says:


  • Antonio salvino123 says:

    So precisso de um bom aplicativo como esse

  • bbackddoor says:

    collection of songs not yet complete

  • sixto medina almonte says:

    al fin encuentro la herramienta que necesito

  • Edinho says:


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