Synchronize your computer with 4shared!

By Irin L
18 / 11 / 2009 launches a new feature – Data Synchronization. Using it you will be able to synchronize any folder from desktop of your computer with your 4shared account. Its advantage is an ability to keep your files up to date without necessity to update them in your 4shared account or perform constant re-uploads. You need to install 4shared Desktop to set synchronization with your computer. You also should be logged into your account using 4shared Desktop to see a new tab – “Synchronization” beneath toolbar and to activate this process. The list of synchronized folders will be displayed in this area. It is possible to synchronize any folder simply by clicking on the icon “Create a new synchronization” on the toolbar. Setting this feature enables you to upload, download, rename files within any synchronized folder from desktop of your computer and more than that – editing files on your computer you automatically edit them in your account. This process prevents copying already identical files and thus can save considerable time from a manual copy, also being faster and less error prone. Data Synchronization was incorporated for your comfort and time-saving.


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