Unlock new live music streaming features in 4shared for Android

By Irin L
12 / 04 / 2021


The past months have been a wild ride!
We’ve been working day and night to develop the new cutting-edge functionality in 4shared apps, and now it’s time we introduce the latest novelties in 4shared for Android!


Long story short, we’ve recently launched a brand-new feature for 4shared users on Android – “Live streaming.”

Not only does it enable users to stream live music shows by 4shared users near you, or currently popular in your country, but start your own live stream any time, in a matter of a few clicks.

Variety of live music streams for your selection

The “Music” tab in your 4shared for Android app now has a new section called “Live”, where you can select a currently live music show for instant listening on your device.

Choose a livestream based on your location and/or music preferences, and simply click on it to start listening. In addition, follow your favorite artists to keep up with their updates and check out the new Lives just as they’re launched.

Share your music vibe by creating your own Live

Starting your own Live is super-easy.

To do that:

1. Tap an audio file in your 4shared account.

Note! Only music files, stored at 4shared (not locally on device) are available for streaming in a live.

2. Tap “Start Live.”
3. Name your livestream and tap “Start Live Now.” That’s it.


Try out the new feature in your 4shared app today – download the updated 4shared for Android from Google Play!



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  • Kone says:

    J’ai la musique

  • Aussadong says:


  • Gleisson oliveira das virgens says:

    Muito top

  • Gleisson oliveira das virgens says:

    Essa nova versão ao vivo ficou muito top

  • Tá bom

  • muito bom

  • Gosto de sertanejo

  • Victor Collio says:

    Debo decir que desde que aprendí a usar esta aplicación me encanta mucho más,
    Deseo que pueda aumentar más títulos antiguos como actuales.
    Gracias por estar ahí 😊

    • Paulo says:

      Não entendi 😒

  • Vinicio Vallejo says:

    Muy buena app. Muy útil

  • emmerson santos says:

    Muito bom valeu pelo esse novo recurso

    • KarolynaWolf says:

      Muito bom amei!
      Parabéns a todos!😊

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    • Alvin says:

      ILuph you😘😘😘

  • EZEQUIEL says:

    Sou feliz por ter o aplicativo de música tão bom assim obrigado……

  • Bouija Simone says:

    Done it and it’s awesonme!

  • Nunca consegui baixar um vídeo é música

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  • Matheus says:

    Piorou Tudo agora ficou horrível

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    This makes the app even more fascinating.

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