10 reasons to get rid of USB-disks and start using 4shared Sync!

By Irin L
16 / 08 / 2011

Have you already installed 4shared Sync and don’t feel the problems of using USB-disks. If not, we’ve prepared 10 reasons to persuade you now. So, let’s look at 10 reasons to get rid of USB-disks and start using 4shared Sync:

1. Viruses
Simple USB-disks could be easily harmed by different viruses. Moreover, the malware could be easily transferred from those devices to your computer and damage it too. 4shared Sync is defended from such problems due to fine antivirus protection of files at 4shared. All files uploaded to 4shared and operated within 4shared Sync are secure for your PC.

2. Additional space
Even the smallest USB-disks need space to keep them. The problem with big ones is where to keep them or how to transfer; the problem with the smallest ones is how to keep them, so that not to lose. 4shared Sync doesn’t require any space to keep it or transfer, because after you’ve installed it, you work with 4shared Sync folder which doesn’t require any place to store even at your computer.

3. They can be lost
Thing which happens to USB-disks most of all is that they are lost. No matter they are big or small. When you have to take something additional with you, there is always possibility to leave it somewhere, forget to take out from the PC or laptop, lend somebody and forget whom you lend it. 4shared Sync can’t be lost, because it is not a material thing at all!

4. It’s old-fashioned
Do you remember floppy disks? However, USB-disks haven’t been as old-fashioned as floppies yet, in a few years they will look the same. 4shared Sync is a modern app created for future. Go with the times, don’t live in a past century.

5. They can be full of.
Hmm.. How often have you told your friends – “Ooops, but there is not enough storage space at my USB-disk!” You’ll never say this using 4shared Sync. Free 15 GB is pretty much and if you want more, you can get a Premium account with 100 GB.

6. Much fuss with data transferring
Transfer of data before 4shared Sync was rather annoying thing. It takes much time to copy a file to the USB-disk, then to copy it to the computer and then… many and many times the same. Some USB-disks copy quicker, some longer, but your time is precious. Think about it.

7.You can’t use them in the phone
It is really difficult to transfer data from the phone, however with 4shared Mobile app which allows using 4shared Sync on the phone you can do that quickly and easily. If 4shared Sync is installed on your PC or laptop and you save necessary data at your 4shared Sync folder, you’ll find those files in your 4shared Sync folder at your computer.

8. Money
4shared Sync gives 15 GB for free at the same time when USB-disks with the same storage space cost much money. You don’t have to buy 4shared Sync, you even don’t have to pay for its “repair”, because it can’t be broken. However, if you have questions or problems 4shared Sync Support Team will help you absolutely for free!

9. Ecology
Most of USB-disks are made of plastic, iron and other metals which can’t be easily recycled. To work with 4shared Sync the one thing you need to have is your computer.

10.They are non-reliable
When you work with USB-disk any emergency can happen: it can crash, virus can harm it, so that all your files will be lost. With 4shared Sync you can work with your files without fear that your files could be harmed.


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  • DarkBlood says:

    Only 1 reason to NOT get rid of an USB-disk:
    your internet connection, precisely if you have 256k upload.

  • carzagan (atm) says:

    Internet can be a problem but 4shared can resume my files. it’s efective and sync do all the work. If the internet conection fall, u can resume when it come back. My usb was stolen but i was all my information in 4shared (5 GB).

  • efe says:

    how can i sync into my iPod?

  • Vo Ngọc Bich says:

    A fantastic storage. Your data are with you everywhere and forever.

  • Qayyum Khan says:

    The best comes from 4shared.com.

    Thumbs up….

  • Matt says:

    I can run portable applications from my USB drive when it is plugged into my PC.

    Can I run portable applications from the folders stored on my4shared space ?

  • Adithia says:

    and MUST download it again to use it???


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