UPDATES TO 4SHARED: Sharing with friends becomes even easier

By Irin L
23 / 04 / 2013

Sharing with friends

4shared team has great news for users! We at 4shared have been working on new astonishing features for you. No more e-mails with attached files, forget about USB-drives. Use the best way to share files with your friends via 4shared. All you need to do is to be a 4shared user and create your own list of friends at 4shared. This will help you to have your list of friends at hand and share content wherever you need without wasting time on looking for e-mail addresses. Let’s have a look how to save your and you friends’ precious time.

Make list of your friends from Facebook friends
Now you can make 4shared list of friends just in one click. No need to look for e-mails or logins of your friends to share files with them. Your lists of friends from social networks become a list of friends at 4shared. Follow these simple steps:
1. Go to Settings and click Invite friends


2. Login to your FB account.
invite FB

3. Enjoy a full list of your friends from FB. You can select some of them and invite them to join 4shared.
FB friends

4. When you click Invite, you’ll run a pop-up. Write a short message to your friend if you like and click Send.


You’ve done a great job! Now you have to wait a little bit for your friends to join 4shared

What happens when you invite your friends to 4shared?

First of all, you’ll notice that your friends will have different statuses near their profiles (invite, invited, and pending). It means that
• those whom you invited will have Pending status,
• those, who have accepted your invitations will get Invited status,
• friends you haven’t invited will have Invite status


People, you invited to 4shared will receive a notification in the private messages on FB.
FB message

We prepared a special feature for you to post invitation on your Facebook page, so other people can check it out and join your list of friends at 4shared. If they click on Join me at 4shared and get 15GB of storage for free, they’ll be redirected to page, where they can create their account.
create an account

Invite friends via e-mail address

You can also ask friends to join 4shared via e-mail. At the right bottom of the page you’ll see an option to Invite friends by e-mail.
invite E-MAIL

Check out the following instructions:
1. Type your friend’s email address in Enter email addresses tab. You can add as many addresses as you need.
2. Add a message in Add custom message tab.
3. Click on Send invites

Now your friends will be notified about your invitation and will become your friends on 4shared list.
accept invitation2

Top secret

You can even share an invite link with people you want to become friends with. You can find the link at the left bottom of the page. Copy it and send to your friends via any other network or service. It’s also very useful for those who keep their own blogs. You can paste this link to your blog and invite your readers to share your content with them.
share link

What is that for?

Inviting your friends to 4shared, you won’t waste your time on looking for them in the middle of nowhere. They will be saved in your list of friends at 4shared. Our team of developers created a really convenient way for you to use this list.

1. Click on Share button and run a popup.
2. Click Send
3. Click Add people button to check out the list of contacts
add people
4. Choose friends from the created list

4shared Team hopes you like service updates and will use them with your friends. Stay tuned and meet more 4shared updates this spring.


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  • Icahbanjarmasin says:

    Thanks for 4shared..you are the best in my heart.

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    Thanks for 4shared..you are the best in my heart.

  • kaciaoliver says:

    não estou conseguindo baixar as musicas…
    esta vindo como aplicativos…
    desde já obrigada!..

  • Julia says:

    Thanks for innovation, that’s great that it’s possible to add friends from facebook as it’s easy, i hope everyone will enjoy this program.

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    Necesito conectarme con alguien NECESITO AYUDA

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    apa kabar semuanya? tmn2

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