“Unlocking 4shared features” – Advanced search

By Irin L
13 / 05 / 2015

4shared searchThe 4shared team is happy to present another set of tips and tricks on how one can benefit from the so to speak “hidden”4shared features. This time we would like to unveil some of the advanced search options at 4shared website, less noticeable at glance.

Specify 4shared search queries

As you know, you can easily search for files at 4shared by entering the search keyword, or narrow your search for a certain file in certain categories, like photos, videos, music, etc.

Well, there’s also a range of advanced search options at 4shared, which help you find the files you are looking for much faster and easier.

To access them, you only need to:

  1. Click “More” under the “Search options” menu.
  2. Use the “File type” menu to search for specific file types.
  3. Tick the “Specify sizeoption and define min/max file size.

advanced 4shared search

Sort files in 4shared search results

It is possible to bring particular files to the top of 4shared search results using the “Sort by” menu:

  • Views. Select “Last month” to browse files, most viewed during the last month, first.
  • Upload time. Click “Recent”, if you wish to browse the recently uploaded files first.
  • Size.  Select “large” to browse large files at the top of search results, or “small” – to display small files first.
  • Name. Clicking the “A-Z” enables sorting search results in the alphabetical order and clicking the “Z-A” – vice versa.

Tip! You can also search for similar files using tags – just click the tag on the file download page to find files that include the same ones.

4shared search using tags

Experience innovation at 4shared!


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  • Jayesh darwi says:

    I want to know some into about this site 4 shared i want to know also how to get the monthle package..

  • Icah SPAJ says:

    Thank you very much.

  • masoud says:


  • Ammar Mohammad says:

    4shared is improving and this is great but concerning Arabic queries folks it is pain, type more than three words with spaces between then and you find a result in your dreams. I always use Google and specify 4shared as a filter to get what I want

  • Syahransyah says:


  • victor says:

    i dont have the option to search by country
    i use chrome
    thanks foe help

  • mend says:

    Me too

  • Marilou says:

    Thanks for finally writing about > "Unlock" advanced 4shared search
    options | 4shared blog Hasco Outlet Best Offer

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