4shared Reader Gets Major Upgrade!

By Irin L
17 / 05 / 2017

We’ve just rolled out a major update to our
4shared Reader app for Android devices!

Advanced sharing capabilities
It takes a few clicks to share a book or a document to a nearby device or via one of your apps.
How it works?
1. Open a file you wish to share.
2. Tap anywhere on the opened file preview.
3. Tap ⋮
4. Tap “Share”.
5. Select a nearby device to share a file to, or send the file via one of your apps.

Tip! Add the file to your 4shared cloud storage to share the file link.

Customizable reading modes
Customizing your reading mode in 4shared Reader is super-easy.
How it works?
1. Tap anywhere on the opened file preview.
2. Tap ⋮
3. Tap “Settings”.
4. Select the reading mode: default, light or night mode.
5. Adjust brightness.
6. Set up page scrolling settings.

You can instantly go to a particular page in a file, too.
1. Tap anywhere on file preview.
2. Tap the bottom tab.
3. Tap a page number or use slider controls to open the page you need.

Not sure which page number you need? Try using in-text search by keyword*!
*Available for PDF, TXT, MS Word files.
1. Tap anywhere on file preview.
2. Tap “Search”.
3. Type in the keyword, then tap “Search”.
4. Use “back/forward” controls to switch between pages with keyword, or tap “X” to delete your search query.

Check out new features in 4shared Reader yourself –
download the updated app from Google Play!


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  • Ok, saya akan coba…

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  • Rosa Santos says:


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    Muito bom

  • Erivelron says:

    Ficou muito bom gostei

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    Gostei, muito legal

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    Ficou legal.

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    Bom vamos testar ok

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    Bom excelente

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    Boa noite por favor Existe alguma forma de selecionar todas as mídias de uma só vez para tocarem aleatoriamente

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    Vou ver se é bom mesmo

  • Patrícia says:

    Vou testar pra ver se vai funcionar mesmo.

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  • Ricardo Toral says:

    Is good

  • Ricardo Toral says:

    Es muy buena aplicacion

  • Willian says:

    Vamos testar ne

  • tama says:

    Javascript doesn’t work in 4Shared folders in Firefox. When I click on Sort by Size or Sort by Added, nothing happens.

  • 4shared says:

    Thanks for pointing this out. Our tech support specialists will check this issue asap.

  • Bo

  • فهد محمد الحقباني says:

    Is Good

  • Zoran says:

    Great! Thank you!

  • Nazmi says:

    Try dluuu

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    cannot dowload video in use

  • dikinboy says:

    Sangat membantu sekali

  • Ana Eaton says:

    A pity you do not offer the same for Windows Phone users.

  • Maura Carmen Janucci Zeferino says:

    Very good ok.

  • hello tanks

  • Lucas Renato Matos Dias says:

    Me Gustó muito bien

    • Lucas Renato says:

      Me Gustó muito bien

  • muitobom gostei.

  • Muito bom e de mais este app. Show de bola da pra baixar muitas músicas e vídeos
    Muito bom
    Amo gosto de coisas boa

  • Steffany says:

    Eu gostei muito bom 👏👏💋💋

  • 5 says:

    When are you updating the site? We want new things to dlownload!

  • Quero salvar no cartão de memória

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    Muito bom mesmo

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    Oie Boa noite

  • tudo de bom says:

    tudo de bom

  • Muito legal!

  • Excelente

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