Make your video popular at 4shared

By Irin L
22 / 07 / 2010

Video – is an ideal instrument for promotion as it can combine visual objects and sound in the same time. You can film literally everything, even those things which don’t really exist (like Aquaman, for example). This opens really great opportunities for everybody! Got a restaurant? Film it, tell about your exclusive cuisine and put the the results online for your potential costumers to see! Have a rock band? Make a music video and soon everybody will recognize you! Dreaming to be the next Steven Spielberg? Than shoot your astonishing ideas right away! Got no idea where to start? Than start with and we will tell you all the details below…

Store, share and stream any video at 4shared:

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Search, manage, promote books and office stuff online

By Irin L
19 / 07 / 2010

Do you have a writing talent? Are you a salesman who wants to promote some goods? Do you want to announce an event? Or maybe you have some presentation or manual you want other people to see? Than you’ve come to the right place because 4shared is a perfect online service for sharing documents! Don’t miss the opportunity to promote yourself or your business with! Continue reading to find out how…
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Promote your music – become a superstar at 4shared

By Irin L
16 / 07 / 2010

Almost everybody in the world dreams to be famous, rich, have a nice ride, penthouse, play slots, blackjack and… well, you know. What is one of the most pleasant way to achieve all these things? That’s right! You should become a rock/pop star! The problem is that too many people think that way and only very few reach their goal. They were lucky enough, you say. But you know what? You’re a lucky too! Why? Because you’re just few steps away from becoming a star yourself! Find out how can help you with that…
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Create a showcase for your photos. Don’t miss it!

By Irin L
15 / 07 / 2010
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Being a creative person is great but even genius won’t be recognized without a proper promotion. is a free powerful advertising tool which can provide you with millions of people daily who can become your fans, buyers or even give you a work that you’ve dreamed about your whole life. Just check out those unbelievable 4shared features for designers and artists below! Continue reading →

Promote your software at 4shared

By Irin L
14 / 07 / 2010
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Do you have a cool program you have developed by yourself? Do you want to share it with millions of people per day, get valuable feedback and become famous? Then is here at your service! Continue reading to find out how 4shared can help you… Continue reading →

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